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  2. October event at Mudmuckers, plan to attend.............
  3. The Just Add Dirt crew will be in attendance at Dirty Foot
  4. For immediate release: Muddy fun at the yacht club. Just Add Dirt and the Redneck Yacht Club of Punta Gorda, Florida will present some fun in the mud, July 4th weekend. Along with Fireworks, Bikini Bull riding contest, and an outdoor concert, there will be fun in the mud with friendly competition among Mudd Trucks and ATV’s (UTV’s included). The event will kick off Friday July 1st, make plans to attend as it is sure to be packed with activities. Keep an eye on Florida's largest mudding track with trails and camping – Redneck Yacht Club. as well as Just Add Dirt Off Road Ride Areas and Parks for developing information
  5. Just Add Dirt will sponsor an event at the Redneck Yacht Club the week end of July 4th. Watch the forum and Facebook for additional details. jeff
  6. For release: Rocky Creek and Just Add Dirt will host the first ever Gamblers race for mudders. This contest will determine who has the baddest machine in the mud with an all out atv mud race. The entry fee is directly proportional to the pay out, with a $200.00 entrance fee and a limited number of 120 racers (100 reservations on line, 20 at the gate) the purse will reach $24,000.00. The payouts will be as follows: 50% first place, 30% second place, and 20% for third. There will be other prizes for the top finishers. SuperATV as offered to award the fourth place finisher a FULL set of their most aggressive 32" mud tires. Other prizes to follow. The event will be at Rocky Creek in Georgia on February 4,5,6th, and feature other interesting activities. Stay tuned to this site as well as Rockycreekatv.com for more information. $12,000 for first place...........are you getting this????????? You must enter to have a chance to win, get off the couch, order some parts to fix the bike, and earn your chance at $12,000. Jeff
  7. The final JAD points race is at the Florida Motoplex this week end. I hope to see lots of support for the park. Final payouts will be determined by this double points race. jeff
  8. The last of the series will be at Florida Motoplex. This will be a DOUBLE points series as it will allow for a better chance at the final pay out for the series. The Motoplex advertises as the wettest park in Florida at this time, so if you are a mudder, plan to attend and enjoy yourself. Race dates are November 19, 20, and 21st. Jeff
  9. Watch the Rocky Creek site for another cutting edge event from Just Add Dirt. jeff
  10. These races will be run after the 3:30 Atv Mud Race on Saturday Oct. 16th. Side by Side Race-No Entry Fee 1st $100 2nd 2 Weekend Passes 3rd 1 Weekend Pass Run What You Brung Race-Open To All Trucks and Buggies $1,000 Purse No Entry Fee No Classes 1st $400 2nd $300 3rd $200 4th $100 JAD-1041-05-_Redneck_Yacht_Club_eblast_C.pdf
  11. The event scheduled for October 15, 16, and 17 will be held at the Redneck Yacht Club in Punta Gorda, Florida. The event will feature a GPS Treasure hunt, Highest Ground clearance, Loudest Stereo, and worst stuck competition as well as MUD, and Obstacle course racing. The park also welcomes BIG mud trucks, which should provide for some interesting vehicles to see and to sling the goo. I hope to see you all there. Jeff
  12. Points standings for the Just Add Dirt Mud Series For the MONEY: Open Class: Ray Surdi Pro Class: Jason Hathon Mud Bog 750: Tad Bently Mud Bog 500: Steven Miller Womens Open: 3 way tie, Collier, Williams, Evans *After four of six races See ya all at the Redneck Yacht Club Next month
  13. I will see all ya' all tomorrow at 12:00 at the L-Cross Xtreme, in Okeechobee Florida for the Just Add Dirt Mud Race Series. I am packed and ready to hit the road, I should be at the gate by 9:00 am Jeff

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