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  1. Moving to a free state? Congratulations!
  2. Favorite ride is Sand Creek near Paragould AR... "Clay Mountain" serves as the backdrop in this pic: Pictured are my two running ATV's... 2012 Polaris Ranger 800xp and 2004 Honda Recon. Hopefully I'll be posing pics like this to include my new "project"... 1995 Polaris Magnum 425!
  3. Great reminder... I really need to check the wheel bearings on my trailer. Will do that this weekend!
  4. I've had good luck with the Kobalt brand. That's my go-to when I need most new stuff... I'm sure most of the Kobalt is china-made as well, but it seems a bit blasphemous that someone bought the Craftsman name and isn't making it in the US.
  5. Yeah, but the "new" Craftsman is mostly Chineseium... Only Craftsman I really look for now are "USA" stamped pieces in pawn shops.
  6. Will be voting for Trump, but as a Libertarian, I really pick the lesser of evils at every election... Sad state we're in.
  7. Just picked up a '95 Magnum from a local auction for $300 as my first project ATV... Engine looks like it's tagged as EPA compliant for '98. Everything else looks factory, and generally in good shape. I'll post updates here as I make some progress on it.
  8. New member from Arkansas. Just picked up a '95 Polaris Magnum and hoping I can get it back on the trails.

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