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  1. Looking for manual for kawasaki klf300c 4x4. 

  2. Im in desperate need for a service manual for this machine. i just installed new carb but am having issues with wiring as i think something got disconneceted on my last ride. once i shut it off, it wont start back up. no power to nuetral or reverse light but power is still going to headlights when i turn key on. i did notice 2 wires red and blue that dont seem to be connected to anything but come from the rear cdi box. help.
  3. Im looking for a wiring diagram for 1989 bayou. klf300c 4x4. i have 2 wires that i think go to neutral and reverse. dont know where they connect too.
  4. such a hard decision. hope you figure it out.
  5. im new owner of a klf300c. live in central illinois.
  6. im having issues with mine starting. just put in new carb but something in the wires is messed up now. fml

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