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  1. Thank you for the reply I’m 45. I like to ride like I’m 25. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t lol. I live in Massachusetts so not much riding around here. I have a few trails out my back yard but a couple times a year we go to Jericho mountain New Hampshire where there are some pits and a lot of fire road type trails. Of course money is an issue. We have 4 kids. I had a 2008 400ex all stock but wasn’t enough. Then I was thinking getting another that was bored out or buying one and having it bored out and swapping the cam and missing that. But then looked at the price to do that and it’s cheaper to just buy a bigger atv. I was torn between these and a few Raptor’s. still winter here so plenty or time, but now is a great time to buy. i know you can’t beat the reliability and low maintenance of an air cooled 4 stroke. That makes the 400ex a thought. Man I just made this decision even harder. lol
  2. Hello. I’m in the market for a new quad. Update from a 400ex. I’m looking at 2 in particular. A 2004 predator Troy lee edition all stock and in really clean shape for 1700. Or a 2008 mxr 450 with the ktm engine. Not as clean but newer. For 2000. I’m torn. Any with experience with either of these mind giving me some input? Thanks in advance.

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