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Looking for 2 bolts

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Not sure if this is the spot for this but I am looking for the nit and bolt to hold on the clutch lever and one of the rear bolts on the swing arm to adjust the chain on my 06 kfx400. I’ll try and add a couple pictures. 
anyone have anything lasting stopping?

 Thanks in advance




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Thanks for the reply. They are both ‘sleeved’, probably the wrong wood. But they both only have threads at the bottom. The rest is just smooth shafts. Is it ok to have threads in there?  The swing arm I think is ok, but the clutch lever rotates over the other one. 

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That  92153D bolt illustrated  looks like it  might be  a  "shoulder bolt" where  the  unthreaded part  is larger than  the  threads. They are  used  where  they  don't  want the  bolt to  clamp  two  parts together and  for the  bolt to  act  as an "Axle"  for   levers or  other rotating  parts.  Some  industrial  supply  stores  may  carry  what  you  want  but  your  best  bet  might be to  order  them  through  an ATV  dealer.


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