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  1. Thanks. It's a 220. I don't have the ignition because it was taken off. However I have the brown and white wire connected to each other to complete the circuit. I do not have the starter relay yet. It is on order. I'll check back in once I have the stuff.
  2. Thanks. So, the wiring that goes to the starter solenoid and the battery is snipped. It seems that the red feeds the lights and the Black/Yellow is ground. I know that one Black/Yellow, White, and Black will go to the solenoid, and IF the Red feeds the rear lights then that leaves 2 Black/Yellows. Is that the ground for the rear lights? I guess my main question is, would not having all the grounds prevent me from getting spark? I thought the spark would be generated directly from the flywheel trigger. But then again, most of my experience with this stuff is on cars and not ATVs. Especially non Chinese ones.
  3. I need help with wiring on a 1998 (I think, 10th digit of the VIN was W) Bayou. I'm not getting spark, I'm pretty sure it is due to grounds being off because the harness is pretty hacked as far as the electric start and charging system goes. I'm needing a good wiring schematic. I found one online and there are a few things that don't add up on it so I'm skeptical that it is really for my year and model. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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