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  1. Anyone with experience in the Edelbrock carb for the Raptors? I'm wondering why the slide doesn't open at all until the throttle is like 1/2 way down. Adjusting the idle screw moves the throttle linkage but the slide stays fully closed. At full throttle the slide is only 1/2 open. The only way I can get the slide to move with the throttle is to install my cable into a different hole which brings the accelerator pump half way up and makes the idle screw useless as it isn't long enough.
  2. Yeah it looked the same to me too but they advertise it as a 87-96 only where is mine is a 98. I don't see the difference other than what you said about the jetting may be different on a 4x4 carb.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a difference between the carburetors in the 2x4 vs the 4x4 models of a 1998 Big Bear 350? I was going to purchase this carb off eBay 1997-1998-Yamaha-Big-Bear-350-Carburetor-YFM-350-2x4-Carb-ATV-YFM350 but it says only 2x4 models. I don't see why the carbs would be any different but mine is a 4X4 so I don't want to put the wrong carb on.
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  5. One more thing to add to my post above, I just did a compression test and has 155 PSI of compression. I guess my most important issue is understanding that vaccum operated slide and the correct location of that plastic cap thing that fits inside the spring. I wonder if maybe that needle could be causing an overfueling problem.
  6. When the plug fouled I had the mixture screw turned out 1.5 turns from seated. Should I tighten it a bit to lean it ou?. I'm sure it uses a little oil as it does smoke a bit, not excessive though. As far as those wires go, I installed a new CDI and new Rectifier and it is still charging around 16V .. Looks like the black/yellow wire that IS connected to the battery ground goes to the Rectifier. I can't find the other ends of these wires hanging out anywhere like where a winch might of been. Lights work. The plug is new and is a DR7EA (hotter than the manufacture recommended DR8EA?)
  7. Got a good deal on an 89 bayou 300. Couple questions. First is in the picture I have posted. Note the two wires at the bottom of the pic (white and black/yellow). They were not hooked up to anything and Im not sure if they are supposed to go to the battery or somewhere else and what they are for. Second question is I had the carb apart for a cleaning. The vaccum operated slide has a spring under the cap with a plastic clip that goes inside the spring. Is there a proper location inside the spring for that clip. Right now it is just below half way inside the spring. It runs alright but keeps fouling the plug. Pulled the plug off, cleaned it and dried it off and it starts back up but not sure how long before itll do it again, last time it was about 20 minutes of riding and it bogged out and wouldnt start.
  8. Crazy, I went to the dealer and they dont make a carb kit for this one. Bought one for 25$ for my Yamaha Grizzly 80 .. This one cost me over $30 just for a throttle stop screw. They wanted another 27$ for the float needle alone!! Another question is. The needle jet below the main jet looks like a pressed fit. Which way do I knock it out. The hole on top side looks smaller than the bottom of the jet but the bottom looks larger than the threads would allow for it to be knocked out that way. Im not at all familiar with this style of carb and dont want to do more damage than good. Seeing as how a new carb runs over $300. I dont understand how the choke works on this thing either.
  9. Do they make a carb kit for this? I can find individual parts but cant find a basic stock rebuild kit.
  10. Just checked that out.. The throttle stop screw is missing! I can see the piston moving up and down inside the hole where that screw goes when I push the throttle.
  11. I just purchased a 2007 Z90 and it runs great but wont sit there and idle. If I barely give hold the throttle it will idle pretty smooth. I dont see any adjustment so I have no idea where to start looking for the problem. I checked spark plug already. Ive never had anything with no carb adjustments (or I cant find them)

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