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All depends on participation. It’s usually people needing help and when they get it, they don’t return. Most of the “sharing” has moved to Facebook and other large social channels. New visitors/members are usually trying to solve an issue and don’t do much hanging out with other ATVers. Some do and answer peoples topics to help. We have some great members that have a wealth of knowledge.

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    • By Topendcol
      First issue was fuel pump wont start once ignition has been turned on. Replaced the pump as I had one on hand, than noticed no power so replaced the fuel pump relay as that was were i traced the power to. Still nothing so further inspection looks like signal is coming from the PCM (FLR B20) but not switching the the brown wire to the fuel pump. Ive checked the operation of the bank angle sensor and it appears operational. Fuses and wiring all appear OK. The engine stop relay also tests OK. Ive been through the repair manual and diagrams but to no avail. Fully stumped, any tips would be helpful. Thanks
    • By Spritee1
      Hi Bill here. New to the forum. Live in leander tx and helping out a friend with his Polaris quads.
      he has 4, 2 90s 50 and 1 express 300 2 stroke.
      how can I identify what year they are?
    • By DaveCargill68
      Hi buddies, Newb from Cali here. Looking to hunt a few projects if I can cheers [emoji482]
    • By cj138
      Hello, I'm new to the forum. My wife and I recently bought a 2006 Yamaha Kodiak from a friend. It has been taken good care of, he just sold his property and no longer had a need for it. The cover of the owners manual says Kodiak YFM45FAV. Am I correct that for information I am looking for Yamaha 450? 
      Anyway, the main problem I have is that in the last couple days it has decided not to go into gear. It will make a grinding noise. Is there an easy way to diagnose this or do I need to take it to a repair shop?
      Thanks for the help.
    • By blasirl
      I have found a few useful posts and am looking for a way to bookmark them in the forum.   Is there a way to do this?
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