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  1. Woops! Yeah sorry it is a 99. It's the bike in my profile pic.
  2. Does this quad have an accelerator pump? If so I think it went bad.
  3. Pipe, jets,exhaust. We were out riding was running fine then on the next ride it does this. Not many hours on the motor. Can't figure out what the hell is going on! Could the valves case a problem like this? All the sudden? It was a matter of about 20 mins!
  4. I've cleaned the carb,air filter and this thing still is screwed up. It starts,runs and idles fine, when you give it gas it just dosent want to go(fast) I haven't changed the plug yet, never seen this happen due to a bad plug. I guess now I'm leaning twords electrical? Any ideas in the right direction are greatly appreciated.
  5. It runs fine at low rpms, but when you hit the gas it has no power
  6. Was riding last nite, bike was running fine came back to camp let sit bout 20 mins. Got back on it and it started fine but when I gave it a lot of gas it just kinda bogged down. Maybe it was hot? Or Crap in the tank maybe? Help! Still out riding!
  7. I'm looking to install a oil cooling fan on tha quad, anyone know what manufacturer they sell them @?
  8. So I'm hearing a lot of ppl talk about some of the mods they have done to their quads and I'm hearing a lot of ppl drilling a hole in the airbox. Obviously for more air flow, but is it actually worth it? I ride alot in mud and sand. Is there a noticeable difference? And are you drilling the hole/s in the side? Or top? Thanks for the info yall.-Red
  9. I'm trying to find a new area to go and ride without dealing with tha forest service b.s. no matter how compliant you are they always find a reason to hassle you. FED UP! Help.

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