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  2. Hey everyone! Working on a 400ex for a friend of my mom's because it will only start when you jump the solenoid. I have pretty much gone through all the wiring from the battery up to the plug for the start button and nothing is broken or connected incorrectly. I tested the yellow/green and yellow/red wires that come from solenoid and they both read 0 volts as they should. The key switch reads 12v as I believe it should as well. What has me stumped is that the black wire that comes out of the start button assembly reads different voltage numbers, although I know it should be 12v. Is it the start button for sure or could something else be causing me to get that reading? Thanks and sorry for the long post
  3. Yes it has. Shes running great! Thanks
  4. Anybody know which way i have to put the choke to choke my 2005 400ex? Cant seem to figure it out! Sorry, im a beginner.
  5. Cant wait to go riding again!! Especially since the times about to change
  6. Holy crap! Im packing my bags and my quad once you tell me where this is at! Lol, where is it?
  7. Looks awesome! Wheres dumont at anyways? I always hear about it
  8. mr400ex

    Comp hill at dumont

    Would suck to roll a quad on that hill. LOL
  9. 250r? Whatever it is, it needs a wash! lmao
  10. mr400ex


    I'm in love! lol, but is it missing a grip in this picture?
  11. mr400ex


    Lol, I can tell a predator from every angle. Theyre a nightmare for jumping since they're so heavy though!

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