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  1. Sorry I havent been on here for some time. I will go into the groups section and see if we can come up with something. It sucks ridding alone.
  2. I tried to get insurance on my LTR450 and it was with USAA and I think they quoted me like 500.00 every 6 monts thats more than my truck. If it was cheaper I would. I am the only one that rides my bike but what if you have a hit with another quad? before too long it will be like car insurance espically if your at large gatherings like the sand dunes on weekends. Who knows what will happen.
  3. The LTZ-400 and the LTR-450 have some great reviews and have some top finishes in quad racing. The LTR-450 is built for racing but I beg the differ. It handles great on trails and in the mud. Just need to add some mods to it and it will out run any utility quad on the trail. I was up in duck creek Utah this weekend and went through just about any mud hole there was and it just kept going. Cant wait to get it on the dunes this fall hopefully the weather will cool down.
  4. It has it good and bad days, I have went in there and found stuff I needed and there has been times no luck. If your needing gear and need it fast and cheaper its not bad. Hopefully it will get bigger and better.
  5. I have some OEM parts I have swapped out on my quad, I have heel guards, skid plate, muffler, handel bars, parking break and a few others I cant think of at the moment. Let me know what you need I can look , hopefully I might have it. Also anyone in the Vegas area looking for a 2004 CRF 150 I have one for sale.
  6. This is for LasVegas riders that is on this site. I have been thinking about trying to set up a group for us here so we all can share our ideas and do some group ridding in the area. Maybe there are places to ride that no one has heard of. I want to put this out and see if it could go somewhere or are there groups in the area already. I want to get sport riders together and do some rides. I know there are allot of utility riders in the area that has a group. Just a thought?? Let me know what you think.
  7. I dont know gas is going up here in Nevada and over $3.00 dollars in Caliu already. If I end up going down there on a thursday I will have to take some time off. I am so ready to go I may get some folks I know to go as well. Where I work at there's about 10 ATV riders and hopefully get a convoy down there before it gets too hot. Thanks for the info hopefully we all can work our scheduls to meet up.
  8. I have wanted to go down there sence I heard about it. I am about 5 to 6 hours from there I could make it but will have to do a next trip or get folks in Nevada, Airizona, and California thats on this site to meet up or plan when everyone can make it down there. I thiink it would be a trip worth going if you havent never been there. Any ideas??? I am down for it!!!!!

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