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  1. We just got in the Fox shipment:yes: including: Girls tracer pro helmets Womens Shift Leather street Jackets Womens Fox Dirt Gear Lots of Mens Fox and Shift Dirt gear Lots of Kids Shift Dirt Boots Lots of Shift Gloves etc! And for those who were wondering, Fox makes Shift Gear. If anyone has any questions let me know The Fox stuff will go quick once word gets out!
  2. It can be kind of hit and miss sometimes...We got in 12 oneal helmets the other day, retailing at 89.99 and then half off, and we have like 2 left so...we are expecting a rather large fox shipment any day now, so that should be really big for us. We are really low on inventory right now though...I will post up when we get the fox shipment:smile:
  3. Our website is www.50offgear.com It is not perfect yet, so please be patient, we are still trying to work out some kinks in it. The inventory online isn't the same as what is in the store, trying to figure that one out to. but what is listed you can buy online... sorry, but call if you have questions and you can buy over the phone if neccessary. Ahh, the joys of opening a new store!
  4. Hello! My name is Kim and I manage a store in Las Vegas called Cycle Accessories Outlet. We carry a wide range of helmets, boots, gear bags, and other apparel items at outlet prices. Everything in the store is marked at retail and when you get to the register you take 50% off the marked tag. If you have ever been to a Ross/TJmax/Costco it is kind of like that. We carry primarily apparel with a few parts. There are always new items coming in so feel free to give us a call or email or even come by the store and check it out! However, because we are an outlet store, if you come by and see something you like you might want to grab it because it might not be here tomorrow and that would be:cry: . On the other hand if you didn't see what you were looking for, keep checking in...For instance we had a guy in here looking for a arai helmet, waiting and waiting and one day it came in and he got this $500 helmet for $250. On the other hand we had another guy come in and look at our tech 8's that after discount were $180, he decided to wait and come back later and they were gone and he was pretty ... If you have any questions feel free to contact us and thanks for looking -Kim Cycle Accessories Outlet 2555 E. Tropicana Ave 702.433.5665

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