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  1. 300MPH!! LOL no ive had my slightly modded rappy 74MPH which is the factory restricted speed.
  2. LOVE the plastic's dude they are bad ass!
  3. I ride on paved roads, up and down hills, anywhere my wheels FORCE me to go What it does for me pisses off my neighbor's and police and FORCES me to buy more gas.
  4. Hello to all I am back. No more Banshee now though im riding a 01 Raptor 660 :)

  5. i finally broke down and got new 31x15.5x15 tractor stye tires for the rear on my Rail $617 LATER LOL! I think ill stick with tractor style tread tires they might be rough as f**k on the road but they take me anywhere i want to go off road...
  6. just my suggestion, i run tractor style tires on my Rail Buggy and dude they hook the fuck up!
  7. if money is no issue, and your mechanicy inclined, get you a crotch rocket engine and modify the chassis
  8. yes i agree hi speeds, heavy quads and younger kids do NOT mix!
  9. lol yea i was more scared of my front tires blowing off the rims they got TALL and skinny!:shock2:
  10. i have 5 years worth of dirt wheels mag in my room.
  11. since you do not seem to understand, iLL TAKE YOU TO SCHOOL... i ran a 16 tooth front sprocket i ran a 30 tooth rear sprocket this gives you a 1.875 ratio with 20'' rear tires the banshee's Primary Gear is 2.869 this is at 10,000 r.p.m's for a built banshee. Yamaha banshee Gear ratios are as follows 1.st gear ratio is 2.461 2ed.gear ratio is 1.812 3erd. gear ratios is 1.500 4th. gear ratios is 1.250 5th. gear ratio is 1.045 6th. gear ratio is 0.875 so technically speaking it would run 126 mph, this minus the tire friction and wind speeds produced there for i ran 119 mph and not the full 126.
  12. my bad on the 1800 i meant 10,000 rpms. yea 1800 is NOT gonna happen on a banshee LOL
  13. i know i ran 119 mph on my old banshee, I SAW THE RADAR GUN WITH MY OWN EYES... rather or not your agree i can care less. I KNOW WHAT I SAW... as far as the 421 Cheetah cylinders, i have only been told this and have not looked it up for my self.
  14. the max rpm's for a bone stock banshee is 9000. But it all depends on your modofcations. Banshee's with the power valves like the 421 cheetah's will rev up to 18000 RPM"s
  15. yes IF i ran those ratios of course, i went down like 8 teeth on the rear and up 2 on the front. It's not like 2 strokes are hard to get more revs out of anyway...
  16. 20inch box tires, geared down on the rear sprocket and up on the front sprocket. a good friend of mine is a sheriff and clocked me on several runs, 119 was as fast as i could get it. Going down or up 1 tooth on the front sprocket would be equivalent to going up or down 3 teeth on the rear.
  17. i had a heavily built banshee topped out at 119 mph
  18. so your getting good spark and gas correct? do you have good compression? reed valves stuck? flywheel key sheared? engine case gaskets leaking?

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