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  1. Alright so say I put cams in it and bore it out what will I see my ex improve in?
  2. I ride dunes, trails and race! I do all things! Will somone explain hotcams?
  3. There pretty deep. But whats the best mods without giving a bigger chance for a blown up 400ex? lol
  4. Hello, I have a 400ex with just a few add ons pipe, filter nothing done to the motor. I want faster how do i do this? Will i blow it up? Same qeustion for my buds z400 PLEASE help us.
  5. It Will be! I'm looking for some people that are going too!
  6. I am going to little sahara oklahoma October 13th and 14th. Will any one else be there? I wanna ride with some new people!
  7. my buddies did that. Ended up something with the gas injector fell off to some sort.
  8. Alright guys lets have some fun in two weeks. Everyone go to the dunes! Little sahara oklahoma. Any one interested?
  9. hey guys, im going to little sahara ok this weekend will anyone else be there looking for people to ride with, if you want to let me know! Also any tips for my first dune trip!?
  10. Hey guys, I was wondering how good it is down in little Sahara? Also I'm looking for some people to ride with I'll be down there this month on the 18th anyone interested? Please hurry need to make plans!

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