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  1. Here is a I uploaded to Youtube Took a pretty hard hit about 12:45 mark. Machine went one way, wheels went the other.
  2. Yes, Ole Farts can still have fun Went to Lakeview ATV park in Solon, Iowa over the weekend. Had a blast but Monday clean up, not so much. Mud not a big deal but mud mixed with grass wrapped around every thing is a bitch. Should've probably hit a car wash on the way home. Had to remove the wheels to get her clean. I think Im done until next summer Got stuck once winched it out went about 5' and was stuck again. Got some good video. I think tomorrow I will see if I can't edit over 2 hrs into 15-20 minutes and put it up on youtube next few days Wish I would have got a better still.
  3. I have a new Arctic cat 425i. The tires are pretty good but seem to have just enough traction to get you in really deep but not enough to get out. The best looking Ive found are Interco Super Swampers at about $85 for the front and $120 for the rear if I go stock size. A little pricey for me but not completely out of the question It has 25x10x12 rear and 25x8x12 front. I thought about going to 26x12x12 year and 26x10x12 front. but do not want to change anything else like gearing, rims or clearance. Any and all advice/suggestions will be appreciated.
  4. Manual says rotate locking tabs and remove lid . Luckily I don't plan on getting water in it again so It will only need checked/cleaned once or twice a year
  5. I was just thinking. Isn't the 366 Air cooled? Mine is water cooled and the coolant reservoir is about 1/2 inch in front of that air filter top. That explains a lot. instead of completely re-engineering for the liquid cooled engine they just stuffed things where ever they would fit.
  6. That looks pretty close. I could not reach the back clip or the hose clamp holding the snorkel on with out removing it. Just no room to get your hand any where. I was going to take a picture today but forgot. Reminded me of changing fuel pumps S-10 and a couple Isuzu I owned. After the second or 3rd time removing the gas tank I finally got smart and removed the whole bed instead. Maybe I should have removed the whole front plastic/fender assembly
  7. I had water in that box under the seat so I thought I had better look at the filter. By the time I got it back together I was almost in tears, and I used to work on British cars. I tried to remove the lid and it wouldn't come off until I removed the whole air box. To get it back on I had to remove the mounting bolts for that water catch box and separate it from the throttle body. I had to put the factory intake pipe on the air box 1st hoping I had it positioned right and fish it up through there. Basically the whole system is in it's own way. I also had it jacked up with both front wheels removed. Am I missing something here or is there a trick to this? I also wanted to ask if any one knows the HP rating for my machine? Arctic cat seem to think it's a secret
  8. I decided to go with Dyneema cable. My winch has a hole through the drum that widens on the back side. The new cable has no end, it's just cut off. I am worried that I will need a lot of line some day and pull to much out and end up with a cable no longer attached to the winch. I thought about knotting the cable after slipping it through so it couldn't come out but decided against it. I ended up tying a couple shoe strings near the end so I know to stop. I would rather have a better safeguard . What do you guys do?
  9. I have a 2012 425i and it is very uncomfortable on my right leg. Any one ever see a heat shield for one of these? I could just make something but thought I would ask 1st.
  10. Thanks a bunch. That answered my question. That is exactly what mine looks like less the standard remote plug. And I see I can leave my handle bar mounted switch. Now if I could just come up with a wired switch for a 2010 model winch because they bolt directly to the bottom of the arctic cat control. FYI That wireless unit is on ebay for $139
  11. Yes the dealer thinks the one Warn lists will work but Warn claims the winches with the Arctic Cat name will not interchange because the wiring is different. Also the Arctic Cat Dealer quoted me $50 more then I have found the Warn one listed other places. I think I will just order one and If I cant make it work I will resell it on eBay. My guess is they are all the same with different wire ends. I have the technology to overcome that problem but was hoping some one else had already done it so I don't work my brain to hard
  12. I bought a new 2012 425i this past Tuesday and installed the Arctic Cat 1436-187 winch. I cant find a listing for a wireless remote or cross reference # for one from Warn. I called Warn and they said even though it is a Warn winch the Warn wireless will not work because A.C. has their own wiring. I find this hard to swallow since the stock controller is just a 3 pole momentary rocker switch. Might have to change an end or 2 but there has to be a way Has any one else converted one of these to wireless & what part/kit or brand did you did you use? I think I will also try to leave my toggle hooked up in case of a dead remote battery.

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