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425i clutch/belt cover very hot on leg

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I have a 2012 425i and it is very uncomfortable on my right leg. Any one ever see a heat shield for one of these? I could just make something but thought I would ask 1st.

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I would also check the cvt intake and exhaust to make sure they are not blocked with water or debris. Also clean the belt dust while you are in there with brake cleaner.

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Mine used to get hot to the touch. I happened after I did some clutch work and the belt was riding too high and brushing up against the top of the case where the bolts thread into.

A slipping belt will cause the same problem and may be due to water or belt dust.

Finally the quad might just be running hot and the cvt is just heating up from it. What temps are you riding in?

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i have several belt driven quads also and some times it feels hot on my legs .. but its usually from the motor heat transfering through the cover ... my Vtwin atvs are really bad about it ...i thught about putting a micro fan in the vent tube to help move more air and keep it cooler ... durring hot summer riding ...

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