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  2. If the stud screws into the case you might also be able to replace them with the right length bolt needed. Make sure you put thread sealant on before installing, just incase they are thru-holes into the case.
  3. Chances are the threads on the nut stripped BUT there really is no way to tell unless you remove it. If its the nut just replace the nut with another one thats the same size. ( after cleaning the threads first. ) If its the stud ( thats the threaded part that the nut goes onto ) then it will depend on how the stud is installed into the case. If its threaded into the case it might take a little fiddling to get the stud out. I usually put 2 nuts on the stud & tighten them against each other, then back it out. If its stripped, that little trick might not work if there isnt enough undamaged th
  4. Can the muffler be moved or changed to a smaller one? Maybe a muffler off a grizzly has clearance built into it & would fit your bike? Just a suggestion.
  5. Bad temperature sensor, shorted wire, or if yours has it, a bad fan relay that is sticking in the on position. Thats off the top of my head.
  6. Ill be danged.....THAT"S THE ONE OX!!!!! Thank you sir!! I knew itd pop up one of these days. Thanks for keeping all these for us to enjoy!!
  7. Not sure if I saw that one. Gonna DL it & see, thanks OX.
  8. Just checking in again to see if anyone might have found a service manual for my quad? I looked thru Oxs list & nothing. Perhaps there is one out there that isnt posted? 2002 Quadrunner LTF500F 4 x 4. This manual really is avaiding me. My motor is making some noises now & I might need to get in there to find the issue. Im thinking timing chain or a bearing in the trans. Either way Id like to look thru a manual before tearing into it. Please let me know if anyone possibly has found one. I looked thru all the possible ones that are close to mine, but they all appear to be a bit differen
  9. Slow down guys. My ltf500F had something that sounds similar happen & it was a malfunction in the pull starter. I pulled it apart & the end of the spring had broken off & jammed everything up. I flew aprat when I took it off so I put it back together how I thought it might go (after grinding a new slot in the end of the spring) & it works fine. It did appear that the motor was locked up but it freed right up once I removed the pull start. Id check there first, then dig deeper. Just my opinion.
  10. Shim it, OR...If it has a one way bearing on the gear ( not sure if you took that apart ) make sure its installed correctly. If it has a bendix style drive , make sure that the helix is working properly. Does the motor turn over with the rope? If its doesnt turn over with the rope then Id suspect a one way bearing is either in wrong or its malfunctioning due to lack of use. Some designs have the one way built into the engine case where the gear engages. You could try praying it out with some cleaner to get it freed up. Again, Im sorta guessing cause Im not sure what design yours is.
  11. Hook them up temporarily & see what it does??
  12. It could. If the brushes are worn down shorter than they are wide, the brush could begin to cock inside its cage. If its dragging check the bearings or bushings too. Thats easy to check while its all apart. Partially assemble the starter & spin the armature with the brushes out of their cages then try it with them installed correctly.
  13. Sounds like it could be loosing spark consistency. Id start with the cheap stuff too. A weak coil would do this. Do what OX said , then re-clean the carb if nothing changes. It;s easy to miss a passage here or there. Be mind full of that if you pull the carb apart again. Debris in or around the pickup/ stator could also be an issue. Ive seen a dirty fly wheel cause higher RPM misses. ( especially if the rings are getting weak & the crankshaft seal starts seeping a little bit of oil inside. )
  14. Double snowmobile tilt bed trailers work well.
  15. Yessiree....Its plow season again ladies & Gents. Ive got mine ready to go, how about you? I made a few changes for this year. I re-wired my caution lights directly so they work with the engine off. ( Led Strobes, so the amp draw is minimal.) I put a bronze bushing on the pivot of the plow to frame to prevent further wear on the joint. Repainted some spots on the plow from normal use. I re-mounted my winch switch so its closer to the handgrip making it easier to raise & lower the plow on the move. What set-up do you have? Changes or mods that made the "job" easier? Post up your plo

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