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  2. Good Afternoon! Woke up this morning to these pictures, how difficult a repair is this? I think this is just a seal? How do you get the driveshaft out to replace it? Sorry this is my first issue with this bike, trying to keep the cost down.
  3. Well I ran it until the fan came on, shut it down then this morning just on a hunch tried it and sure enough the fan came on so back to square one.
  4. I unplugged the switch and the fan stopped coming on, plugged it back in and back to coming on. I tapped the switch with a wrench however and not it had stopped. I guess now I have to get the bike hot and see if it comes on?
  5. Ouch $70. How much of a problem is this really? The fan is running, and everything else is running fine.
  6. It's an 05, where is that switch located?
  7. Went for a ride today with some new tires and my bike is pretty dirty. I don't have a high temp light, but when I turn my key to on, my fan runs even with the engine off. What can cause this?

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