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  2. can someone tell me what could be the problem if the electric start doesn't turn the motor over but sparkplug fires like crazy but the pull rope turns the motor but no fire on spark plug. thanks for any advice in advance . cbbubby78
  3. I checked the gear that starter motor links to and it only moves clockwise. it starts no problem with pull rope.
  4. I can see what you are saying and how it would work but I don't understand how to go about shimming it so that it will stay in place.
  5. **New Problem** took the starter off and installed new brushes and now after putting the starter back on, the starter motor is spinning but the engine is not turning over. I am sure it is something I missed I just don't know what. anyone have any suggestions?
  6. if the brushes in the starter are wore out and need replaced, would that cause the starter to drag?
  7. I am working on cleaning the connections to the starter and frame now. Its not the battery, I took one off of another atv that I know is good and it still done the same thing. if after cleaning the connections it is still doing same thing, would I be better off replacing the solenoid or should I take the starter off and open it up to see if something is catching in it ?
  8. Wanted to see if someone could tell me if they think my problem is the solenoid relay or the starter itself. starts and runs fine with pull rope but if I try to use electric start then it will just barely drag over maybe once or twice and then stop just like it does when the battery is dead. battery is hot but just to make sure I even hooked up booster cables and still did same thing. does it sound like the solenoid is the problem or do I need new starter? checked fuses and they are still good.
  9. unfortunately not, it would be nice though because i really don't want to pay for another one and then find out that is not the problem. i already bought another ignition coil and sparkplug and neither of those fixed it. is there any other way to test the cdi besides just measuring resistance?
  10. ok was you meaning the exciter coil and the pickup coil? if so i checked resistance on both and here is what i got. exciter in manual said between 100 - 190 and i got 133, the pickup said between 85 - 130 and i got 114. when i was checking resistance in the cdi it was mostly the blue wire paired with other wires that was giving off alot higher readings and the blue wire comes from the pickup coil. any idea what else i might try ?
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i have a 95 bayou 220 not sparking. i have measured all of the connectors on the cdi and most are within the manuals ranges. but there are a couple that measured alot higher than their given ranges. does this indicate the cdi is bad ?
  12. 1995 Bayou 220. If i have ruled out the ignition coil where should i go from there?
  13. here is manual for 88-02 bayou 220 for your collection. CBbubby78
  14. i have since found the lost key and tried putting original ignition switch back on but still no spark. i switched out spark plug with another 4 wheeler i have that i know is good and still no spark.
  15. Ok here is what happened. I notice a four wheeler at sitting in the weeds at my moms house.she said it had been there about a year and that she got tired of messing with it and told me to take it. i cleaned up the carb real good (it was pretty nasty) and put it back on, cleaned out the gas tank , put some gas in it. i was surprised but it started and ran fairly well. i rode it a few times, never for very long and then my little girl lost the key to it. since i couldn't find it i decided to just use a toggle switch and bypass ignition. when i got it hooked up for some reason i pushed the kill switch on the handlebar to off. when i did that i heard a pop which turned out to be the fuse. slid that switch back over, replaced the fuse, and tried to start it but no luck. It had been running good enough that it would start first pull with the rope. now it is not getting any fire to the plug. Does anybody know where i need to start troubleshooting the issue or why it blew the fuse. Any help will be appreciated.

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