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  2. I need a good used bottom end or complete engine that is compatible with the 2003 Honda TRX250ES Recon. I prefer the electric shift model. I believe that several model years will fit.
  3. Looking for a used crankshaft (cheap) for a 2003 Honda Recon or 250EX. Several model years will work. I only need the timing chain sprocket, but I can remove it from the old crank.
  4. Looking for a used Honda Recon or 250EX crankshaft. I actually only need the cam chain sprocket, but I can remove the sprocket from the old crank. I need one for a 2003, several model years around 2003 will fit.
  5. I pulled the rocker assembly, so I could get a good look at the exhaust lobe on the cam. The exhaust lobe was warn down to nothing. I also noticed that the rocker shaft had shifted over and was rubbing on the back of the cam sprocket.
  6. I am troubleshooting a problem with an 1997 Polaris Scrambler 500 and I could use some help. It will start and idle with no problems. When I give it throttle, it sputters, cuts out, backfires, etc. (very similar to having water in the gas). I have done the following: cleaned the carb & checked settings/jets (it is perfect), adjusted fuel screw (no change), checked intake for leaks (all good), replaced & gapped spark plug, fresh fuel, new fuel filter, fuel pump holds pressure and appears to be pumping fuel, exhaust is not plugged, air filter is in good shape, cam chain tensioner & cam timing (good shape), pulled the black wire on the rev limited (no change), added a battery charger to see if voltage was causing problems (no change). I ran a leak down test and found that I am leaking approx. 10%. I could not detect air coming out of the intake or exhaust ports, so I am assuming that I am leaking past the rings into the bottom end. Another thing I found was that the valves were very loose. They should be at .006" and the clearance I measured ranged from .008" to .014". I believe the exhaust side was the higher measurement. Would the rings and potentially worn valvetrain cause this issue? Should I look elsewhere, like at the stator? Any help is appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the response. I did check the throttle cable and adjustment at the carb. I also check out the slide, which is raised by vacuum pressure. It appears to be sealed well and opening all the way. I took it apart and put it back together, being very careful to make sure that the rubber seal on the diaphram was seated correctly. Any other ideas?
  8. I have a 2003 Suzuki Vinson 500 Auto. I recently cleaned & rebuilt the carb, as well as, the petcock. Now it starts, idles and generally carburates well. My problem is that it will not rev out and only runs about 30MPH in high range. It runs smoothly from stop all the way up to top speed and it does not cut out, pop, or anything at full throttle. I am stumped! Any help would be appreciated.

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