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  2. I want to add larger wheels to my Yami Bear tracker. Buddy says I will need to add some wheel spacers to keep from hitting the muffler. any brands you can recommend. See many on Ebay for sale. Any problems to be aware of?
  3. I have a Yami Bear tracker and want to add bigger wheels than stock. Tried installing some 12" wheels on the rear and right rear wheel hit the muffler. Buddy said I should get some wheel spacers and not lift the atv. what do you guys think and any brand you can suggest?
  4. I own a stock 2002 Beartracker with 10" rims. I found a set of new take-offs wheels and tires from a Grizzly that are 12". Was told they would fit. Got them home and the right rear tire hits the muffler. all others fit fine. Any ideas or options. Can the ATV be lifted a few inch to make the new wheels work?
  5. I have a 2002 Bear Tracker that has 10 rims/wheels. A friend has a set of new 12" wheels from a 2009 Grizzly. Will these wheels fit my Bear Tracker?
  6. New to atvs and just purchased a 2002 Yami Bear Tracker 250. Had a few minor issues but got it at a fair price of $1000. Bought a service manual over the weekend. It has a torn black cv boot. I have ordered one but was wondering how difficult it will be to replace and If anyone has any personal experience with this one. Thanks.

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