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  1. ok it might take me a little while but I will keep you updated with my progress. wish me luck!
  2. When I try it feels like the pull string is stuck. I haven't ever had that problem.
  3. sorry, I forgot to add some info. Year: 2001 Model: LT-F300F I have the service manual as well. It will not start at all.
  4. I need to see if I am getting a spark, I haven't tried yet. When I try to pull start it I cant pull the cord it is like its stuck. Thank you for replying and welcoming me! I will try tonight.
  5. Hello everyone I am new here. I bought a 2001 Suzuki KingQuad LTF-300F reciently. it has been running great, however I herd clunk, it turned off, I tried to crank it over but no go. any suggestions would be helpful!

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