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  2. Hi every one .. I still check in off an on .. Hope every one is doing good ..
  3. Hey is any one on here any more ? I was wondering if any one has heard from Oxidized black ? He town is on fire in Canada .. And reports say most of the town is or will burn from the wild fire. Any responce from the regulars on here would be great.. Try to contact him if any one knows him please .. Thank you.
  4. Well it's not morning.. But any way ..hi every one ..lol.
  5. Good morning to every one .. An merry Christmas to every one on quad crazy .. It's been a long time sence I've been on .. But I'm still around and doing fine.. Hope you all have a merry Christmas .. And god bless
  6. They sell an extender that mounts on the thumb throttle that Makes it easier to use ... Makes it longer an easier to push So it wouldent bother u as much an u wouldent have to worry About the twist causing issues an making it dangerous in some Conditions ... An they are pretty cheap compared to a conversion Kit .. Or a combo kit ...
  7. 201 hours is not really that many hours ... I have an 03 650 Kawasaki prairie And it has 1625 miles and 253 hours .... But I Do slow trail rides and pull a Small trailer with fire wood and use it to Do any thing I need to And I have raced it in cross country races in the IXCR and it's in great running And riding shape .. I'll be changing the drive belt this spring for the First time ... So the hours on that machine are not bad .. The only thing I would Be looking at are the wheel bearings and brakes to make shure They are good ..
  8. More great gunny Vids^^^ ... Love the views ... Looks like It was a blast ... Hope 2 see more b4 it's all melted away ...
  9. How many hours are on it ? I've seen some atvs that were used on old fire roads and On log roads that alot of miles but didn't have alot of hours On them .. So u gotta look at both to figure out if it's gonna need Alot of maintenance repairs in the near future
  10. I would of kept the kow ... Lol... But anyway hope u like it an enjoy An have fun on it ...
  11. Use rotella 15w 40 diesel oil in that air cooled Honda It's all I ever use in my 400ex and almost every other 400ex owner uses
  12. It's just crazy how big the snow drifts are in some of the spots between the trees
  13. Wow ... Another great gunny vid. Love your snow / trax Vids^^^
  14. Awesome vid gunny !!! Love the views there .. An nice truck !!! Is it a power stroke ? Hard for me to tell Watching it On my iPod ... Small screen .. Lol
  15. Your sylinoid may be bad or it's having a power drain cause it's Covered in snow an ice .. I would thaw it out and make shure There is no ice an snow on it and then try ... If it starts then that was It if not change it ... I use only rotella 15W-40 in my machines and I've Owned several 400ex machines and used it in them with no issues Good luck and enjoy ...

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