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  2. any suggestions for a advanced auto parts synthetic????
  3. so I guess Valvoline 10w-40 from auto zone should work lol
  4. heres a quickie guys what kind of sae 10 w-40 can I pick up from my local advanced auto parts orileys or auto zone and do you recommend synthetic 10 w-40 for a 440 big bore 2000 440ex:GEEK:
  5. my question is will a pair of nerf bars off a honda450 fit on my yzf450 ty:aargh:
  6. this is completely bone stock 450 atv my ? is what kind of gas and oil should I use??? I know to use premium but should it be 110 or v-power???
  7. well good news im back in business and btw it was a bitch getin a plug wrench to fit the ngk and the head I used the same 20 year old plug after much deliberation but after a few cranks she purs again!!! thanks for all the help guys and also u have to completely tear the bike down just to git at the plug wtf!!!
  8. spark plug looks 20 years old there was some rust in the threads even sf416c spit fire plug can this be replaced with a ngk also is there any way to get the gas out of the carb with out removing it??????????? got the gas out got the new plug got 110 racing fuel now all I got is to prey I didn't cause any damage I only made it 1 lap so I doubt it!!!
  9. looks like I mite have to take off all the plastics im gunna try just getting it done but I cant even get to the plug it seems with out taki9ng them off:aargh:
  10. it has no air box lid wide open with a kn filter with pre charger I notice with the choke on it seems to be miss firing sounds really odd I cotacted the origina owner he said it wont run anything with less than 96 octane I hapend to use 68 from caseys wich will never happen again my question is will I have to completely remove the carb to get the 68 out or if I loosen the res tube and drain it all and wash it out with some 110 will that last little bit of 68 push it self on threw??? thanks guys
  11. well guess its just my bad luck started rite up put it in first gear and it jus died like I kinda ran outa gas has ben running excellent do these big motors foul plugs if I run premium from caseys gas???? was told to use 110 from the 11:1 piston but was also told premium wouldn't hurt and theres a lot of snow snow so just stoppd at caseys if I really give it a lot of gas it acts like it wants to start man I hope the 440s foul plugs and it aint sumthin more
  12. sprayed the entire sylanoid with wd40 and took and charged the battery and poppoppoppop lol shes alive now hopefully it will stay charged and I don't have a drain issue the rectifier or whatever its calld should charge me up if not il be back 2 square 1
  13. if ican jump the selanoide and it turns over this means bad sylinoid rite??? also why isn't the atv charging the battery while im riding it???
  14. well un froze today and same thing it clicks if I jump the slinoid it will crank a few times then act like the batteries dead is it ok to try jump starting like this with having to jump th3e sylinoid
  15. just got this beast and ive ben vary happy today it just clicks its pretty froze up with ice and snow if I jump the sylinoid she will crank could it just be froze also would like to know what oil and gas every one recommends it has after market oil cooler and stage 2 cams fully ported and polish to 11:1 compression ben using premium but should I run 110??? and what type of oil should I use in the bottom end also thanks guys

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