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  1. Coming together, slowly but surely. My father in law is tig welding the muffler for me. It was cracked along the seam.
  2. Had a 2008 Honda Rancher 420 1986 Kawasaki Bayou 300 1999 Yamaha Beartracker 2020 CFMOTO 800XC MOTO is my favorite.
  3. What is the component on the left, one with the cooling fin? I know the other is the cdi box if I'm not mistaken
  4. Any suggestion on how to make this look better? Electrical tape? Black silicone?
  5. The switch is acting up, got it to start now. May just bypass the brake switch for now.
  6. It was. Do you know were the switch is located for the rear brakes?
  7. Yes neutral light is on, but there is no power to the start button this time. Before I was able to jump it out, not now. I'll look deeper tomorrow after work.
  8. So I installed new relay and new solenoid and now starter is cranking again. Damn it! I didn't have time to trouble shoot tonight but maybe tomorrow night. Gonna have to go back and look thru the posts again. Relay does not click and I even put the old one back in and nothing. All lights work though.
  9. Just miniwax quick drying poly in a aerosol can. I used satin. This beartracker was a nightmare for weeks. Nothing electrical worked, brakes were all locked up and reverse linkage was also frozen. Many, many hours on this thing.
  10. This machine must've lived outside for a long time. Every damn bolt/screw was rusted in place and the plastic under the seat disengaged and broke apart when I tried installing it.
  11. Not sure, this is the first time I've done this. I did 3 coats of paint and 3 coats of minwax polyurethane upon Frank's recommendation. He has used just poly on another project that turned out great. I thought mine were just too sun faded for just the clear.
  12. Big thanks to Frank Angerano for all the help he's provided. Plastics were super sun faded and decided to paint them. Upon Frank's recommendations, i used minwax poly to clearcoat after the painting. Turned out good, and is a very close match.
  13. That's a cool paint job. Cant wait to hear about this new process when it's done. Do you know were i can find the vin # on this bear tracker. I want to verify the year. Thanks.

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