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  1. Hi, buddy of mine gave me this for my daughter. I'm looking for parts for it but dont know where to start. Anybody know what size/manufacture it is? Definitely some Chinese model I'm guessing. Thanks.
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  3. Ok thanks, is there any glaring weak areas to look for in these machines? Heard some people say they have weak frames. It has itp mudlites on 26" rims, rides kinda funny on the pavement, but guess that's to be expected.
  4. Hello, new to ATV, really like the Kings found one that has 197 hrs, 800 miles, 60" plow, uni filter, rear seat w/storage and 2500 warn winch. Guy wants 4750 firm. Is this a good deal or not? Thanks. Anything issues i should look for when going to look at these guads? Like weak frames or what not? Thanks

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