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  2. Good info. Those older machines required a little practice to ride. The three wheelers were a little easier to unload the inside rear tire on slow turns.
  3. I am not familiar with this model but I would think you have a transmission problem. I would not think the brake would have any effect no engine rpm if the machine is in neutral.
  4. I know what you mean at 71 I stopped pushing them a long time ago
  5. You may have a drop of water in a fuel line or filter. Open the drain on the carb to see if there is fuel in the float bowl.
  6. You are correct on the idle mixture screw. The rubber hose should be routed down to the bottom of the machine and left open. It is a drain hose.
  7. In your initial post you described a rich fuel condition that got worse as you increased throttle. You were right too think along the line of a choke stuck closed or other obstructions in the intake. Next you removed and cleaned your carb to no avail. There is one item often overlooked when cleaning a carb. The needle jet which sets just above the main jet. It is a small (usually brass ) tube with a series of small holes in the side. If those holes are restricted or clogged your fuel mixture will be too rich. Make they are clean and be careful not to alter their size. Your new carb on the other hand has a lean condition and most likely could be corrected with a larger main jet.
  8. Thanks for sharing this valuable resource.
  9. I have a Motobecane 50cc moped that needs a home. I picked it up a few years ago for a restoration project but never got around to it. It is complete and would be an excellent father - son project. All the parts needed are available at "treatlandtv.com". If interested it is yours for the taking. I am located in Maryville, Tn.
  10. I found this forum while looking for a manual for a newly acquired sportsman 500 and decided to join after seeing diversity of the members. I would have joined anyway because of the wealth of knowledge and the eagerness to share. I agree with Ajmboy. A little participation is a small price for all the benefits here. Thanks to all who contribute
  11. Good morning hope the weather forecast is right looking forward to a few days of dry weather and mild temps
  12. I worked at a Honda dealer in Vero Beach Fl. when they introduced the atc 90. We set the first two up as demos and spent every weekend at Hobart Park (about 2 square miles of sand dunes and a few wooded trails) where we first learned what they would and would not do, then made every effort to instruct customers on what we learned. Some learned and some did not. It was a sad day for me when those who would not or could not learn brought about the end of the 3 wheeler. Quads are far more stable and versatile. They should have been an addition instead of a replacement. Having learned to ride on a 3 wheeler I will always miss them. My advice to any new rider; the biggest safety issue with any machine is the operator, know the limitations (yours and the machines) and last you will never be it's master treat it with respect or it will bite you. Ride safe and never stop learning.

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