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  1. I have a 2001 suzuki quadmaster 500 4x4 automatic and i was wondering witch atvs it shares parts with i know it shares some with artic cat. Any info would be helpful.
  2. i have a 1986 yamaha moto 4 200 and was wondering if i could put a 350 or 300 jug and piston on it to bump up the cc?
  3. @GrizzlyRider it tries to move when it is on the ground but won't when i jack it up so the rear tires are off the ground the tires spin and it runs great
  4. @GrizzlyRider the carb is set up within spec, the fuel shut off/pump is working great. it has a cvt clutch with a foreward reverse transmission and chain drive from that to the axle. it was having trouble shifting from neutral or reverse to drive so i opened the trans manually put it in drive and took the shift fork out, but i can easily spin the transmission by hand.
  5. I have a go kart with a 150cc gy6 engine it will run great and rev when i have the rear tires off the ground but as soon as i try to drive it it boggs down and doesn't move i cleaned the carb and fixed a small vacum leak and it still does it., Any ideas on what it could be?
  6. look at the cvt belt we had a belt start to break apart and it started to get jerky.
  7. it is probably a case of bad connections in the jumper cables if you jumped the 2 posts on the solenoid it should have turned over unless the starter is bad but by what you said it is a bad connection to the battery i would still check the main fuse though as that could cause the key not to work.
  8. Slime coats the tire and rim and is a pain to get off the rim. At my house if a plug or patch can't fix a hole in a tire it gets and inner tube. there was one time my stepfather got a flat at night and him and a friend left the wheeler on the side of the trail and spend an hour finding and inner tube then put a new one in the tire.
  9. @Frank Angerano the nut is off and the clutch comes off the shaft in pieces and the center shaft that the belt rides on is what is rusted on
  10. i have a 2001 suzuki quadmaster 500 4x4 that the primary cvt clutch is rusted on any ideas on how to get it off i want to try to reuse it if possible.
  11. @06kfx440 @mrfartsalot Does anyone know how to retime it

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