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  1. @Frank Angerano the nut is off and the clutch comes off the shaft in pieces and the center shaft that the belt rides on is what is rusted on
  2. i have a 2001 suzuki quadmaster 500 4x4 that the primary cvt clutch is rusted on any ideas on how to get it off i want to try to reuse it if possible.
  3. @06kfx440 @mrfartsalot Does anyone know how to retime it
  4. @lagomu no not yet i will try when i get out of school
  5. this video was taken a week ago we we were playing in the snow. lol Moto 4.mp4
  6. it's a knock and we have been running it all summer with the knock and it doesn't seem to be getting worse lol the rings were ruined by the person we bought it from by trying to go up a steep hill in second going 2 miles and hour. also before we bought it.
  7. I have a 1985 moto 4 200 the rings aren't all that good and it has a knock but it ran great i left it outside in 20 degree weather for a couple of hours and it fired right up no problem and after a minute of it running it died as if i shut it off as if using the kill switch to kill it but i didn't and it has spark and compression and spraying carb cleaner in the cylinder didn't start it I am out of ideas any ideas of what it is?

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