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  1. I wonder what the specs are on that capacitor ?
  2. I’ve heard that the regulator wasn’t in the cdi circuit on the Grizzly 600 ? Be nice to know what the 12 pins do on this cdi ? Not sure what to check for grounding . I know how to check trigger and charge coils .
  3. Well all back together and started ok but ran like crap still ! Took cdi off and it fried it just like the other one I had on it ! Is there anything that could be frying the CDIs ! In pics you can see where a capacitor bubbled and melted whatever the stuff is ! The other pic is the 1st cdi and it bubbled same as the latest one ! I spent hrs digging the stuff out to see what size the capacitor was but wrap on cap melted when using acetone ! I think I’m going to try the Chinese 6 wire cdi ! These Grizzly600 CDIs are very expensive !
  4. I seen that video and am considering doing that if after done doing rings , new timing chain it runs the same way ! Waiting for parts but the engine is in very good shape , no cyl ridge , checked valves and good , timing chain loose so we’ll see . Was a little worried that the chinese deal wouldn’t do the spark timing advance as I think stock CDIs do .
  5. I don’t think there is a reverse limiter and I’m not sure there is a rev limiter at all on this old griz! As expensive as this particular cdi is used ones are hard to find . I am kind of amazed someone hasn’t tried an alternate cdi from a different model ? Timing advance may be the only hold back ! Most all the other CDIs I’ve studied have the basic stator/pulse/power wiring scheme . Surly somebody on here has tried a different cdi ??
  6. Well took carb off and everything looked great on it ! Put back on and started but same misfiring . It did a big backfire and quit and wouldn’t start ! Put a sparkplug on plug wire and has good spark when cranked over so it could have jumped timing . Going to tear it down and check cam timing and everything . Things like this become a challenge to fix and I always seem to get them !! I’ll post later .
  7. IMG_4272.MOV Originally had my griz600 stop running and then wouldn’t start ! After testing all coils , valve lash , compression (115psi) and all tested ok I bought a used cdi . After cdi install it still wouldn’t start (no spark) ! So even though the stator , pulse/trigger and charge coils check within good range I decided to switch the stator etc ! It started but It is very unresponsive on throttle and acts like it is running in 2 Different spark timing ! With slight throttle it will take off good but instantly go into a very different running mode with no power like timing very retarded but it will switch back to running good for short period then bad again ! Since I replaced the stator and it started I then decided to install the cdi I replaced and it did the same thing ! Also I noticed the Used cdi I Took off had a capacitor that had swelled and extruded from the back of the cdi . I had always heard and I believed that when these CDIs go bad they machine will quit and will not run . Is that true ? I also checked the cam/valve timing and its ok ! Checked with timing light and it does fluctuate on idle ! I am thinking I have 2 bad CDIs . I also switched the trigger Coil wires and would not start then . Man , this thing ran good before and I am confused ! Video below may help ! IMG_4272.MOV
  8. 1998 Grizzly600 ! Slowly died then wouldn’t start ! All coils check good ohms ! Checked ac voltage from source coil get OL ! Is the source coil bad ?

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