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  2. i got it got to think bout the main jet the one that was in there was way to small
  3. compassion is almost 120psi clutches seem fine it will go if you are the throttle till bout 1/2 throttle but if you try to give it any more it will bog down but you let off for a sec then go again to me its like it don't have enough fuel in the bowl to supply wot it has a plastic float in it
  4. Have you checked the fuse
  5. got it running new cdi coil and stator will idle good but when u give it throttle it will take off but then will bog down but if you put it on jack stand in the rear it will rev up good with the tires spinning only bogs under load have removed carb and cleaned did find that the pilot jet was clogged and cleaned it main jet is clear and open any ideas
  6. ok i fig it out so if any body out there is wanting to know in the future the cdi box is the new racing trz50 cdi box it has the 2 wires in the plug one is yellow and the other is green the green is the ground that the yellow goes to the coil the solid red goes the black with red stripe and the blue goes the white with red stripe and the soil black wire is the kill wire it took some digging and playing
  7. new racing cdi trz50 wiring for predator 90 cdi has a green and yellow wire going to a 2 pin plug and has a red a black and blue with bullet connectors what wires go were on the the ate wiring harness and how would i wire if i want to bypass the atv harness
  8. Were is a good place to get a used one for a good price
  9. I resently got a none running perditor 90. I am not getting any spark. I have bypassed key switch brake safty switch and teahter i have have ohmed the stater i am not getting anything on the white wire or the black/red stripe wire. It has 120 psi for compession. I was looking at the stators on amazon along with the coil and cdi. Has anybody had any luck with them

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