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  1. I wonder if you just cap it will it matter honestly. I really dont know. Looks like it would get enough flow from the main radiator line
  2. I think the carb is fine then. We just dont have any nipple off the water pump thats where we are confused i will take another look tonight will post another photo
  3. I have no idea where the antifreeze line coming off the thermostat goes too. The carb two nipples in the pic create a vacumme. Can someone help me on this please....!!! my email direct is [email protected]!!!!
  4. Does anyone have a redcat 250 or falcon 250cc that they can share where the two vacuum lines on the carburetor that you run antifreeze through I honestly have no idea where the lines are suppose to go to circulate the antifreeze. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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