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  1. Your doing great. I just finished my big bear project today. Took it for a ride today and its a powerful atv.
  2. Its a nice looking quad! I think you did good on the purchase! Im so glad ur happy brother. Handles good?
  3. I just wanted you to see whats out there and informative purposes. Your oil should be perfect for what you are using it for.
  4. What is everyone's choice for differential grease? By Gilbey, March 20, 2019 in General ATV Discussion Original Content From: Fyi
  5. So here she is !!!!! I have the plow stripped down and will get paint tomorrow but it runs great and pretty fast. I will post the last pic with the plow right before i load her up and deliver. And yes a Buffalo Bills fan. Seat cover by yours truly! Last pic i threw in for reference Click on the photos for a better view, it was dark obviously when i finished.
  6. Awesome, i figured as much with the engine being ok. Thats the best part about the engines, they can be flooded and still work! Wiring/electrical is a whole new ballgame when waters involved. Glad to hear its running and your happy. lets see some pics.
  7. Thats great! Be sure to stay in touch and post some pics and videos!
  8. Sounds like a solid plan ! What do you plan on using in the differential fluid department?
  9. Welcome to Quadcrazy @Nate Hanson First things first. Bottom left front frame rail should have a vin# stamped into the frame if its a Yamaha. If you can locate that post the number here or look up any atv vin# identification web site and it will tell you what year and model. Now as far as the power problems go there are a few things you can check first. 1. Make sure the kill switch is properly working and not preventing the starter from coming on. Sometimes they get water inside or the contact breaks. 2. Sometimes battery's have a bad cell inside and will have enough power to bring on the dash lights but not enough to crank so be sure the battery is fresh/charged/good. More invasive stuff: 3. If your familiar with a tester you can put it on DC voltage setting and locate the wire on the starter and put the tester positive (Red) lead on the wire on the starter and the negative on a good ground or the negative terminal on the battery and push the start button and see if you get a reading. 4. Under the seat or where the battery is you should find a relay with two larger wires on it. Both red in color, one comes from the positive side of the battery and the other goes to the starter. Most of the time there is a fuse in the area under a rubber cap on the side of the relay so look for that fuse and check it. This relay can also be bad and is not expensive at all to replace. On the relay the two red wires i mentioned earlier that are bolted onto it can be jumped for a second and the starter should turn over. But make sure the bike is in neutral and only jump them for a second or two. You will see a few sparks and its ok but again if that starter does not spin then the starter may be bad. Start there and see what you get and check back in.
  10. Great stuff right there! My kind of trails.
  11. Im close I'm telling you! Another few weeks and i will have a viable solution to our problem my friend.
  12. Great work @Skhot K , thats the first thing i noticed when i looked at the bike was the tires. But thats a good first investment. Look on Amazon they have great deals. Happy to hear the bike runs great, its money well spent. Differential fluids 1000% change, they are often overlooked or forgotten about. Keep a log of what your doing and the fluids your changing, its good to keep track.
  13. Nah it looks clean, just check the oil, look for any damage to the frame and cracks on the plastics. How much ?
  14. Not a timing light. Take a look. Lisle 20610 Inline Spark Tester https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002STSC6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_hgMdEb354FY1N Etekcity Auto-Ranging Clamp Meter, Digital Multimeter with Amp,Volt,Ohm,Diode and Resistance Test https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NWGZ4XC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_fhMdEbJWGXP2X
  15. Klien makes a good one that goes low. I will send you a pic of mine. Have you put any thought into the in line ignition tester to see if your losing spark at any certain rpm? The reed plates are different depending on the brand and power band of the engine. What's in there now ? I know you checked and changed but i would have a second look at that and make sure that the plates are ok.
  16. Well take it slow and use it as a fill in project. Throw a few hours at it here and there.
  17. Thats great. Well all the luck to him when he gets going and be sure to get some video. I would love to check it out.
  18. That's a great bike. Whats the plan for it ?
  19. I haven't looked for it in satin but i will definitely ask. The funny thing here is i tried a small area thinking i could wipe it down with gas and start fresh! Nope! It was not coming off so i had to water sand it. It made me definitely feel better about its durability.
  20. Yes i'm going to post it as soon as i know its a good product and works well.
  21. It's pretty straight forward and not a big deal finding the sizes. And if anything is too long just throw a nut on it and cut it to size and back the nut off to clean up the edges maybe even file it down a hair. 12mm & 10mm make up most of the sizes.

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