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  1. Only thing I can think of is there is a vacuum clog someplace. Have you checked all breather lines and make sure they are all clear ?
  2. Exactly so keep it as is and maybe find a new project to mod out ?
  3. Wow I completely missed that. I thought you meant the bike had gas as in full. Gas on the oil?
  4. None, I think you misunderstood my posts. I would leave it be. These bikes are not a “mod” type bike. The trike racers came with a clutch and we’re more friendly to modding. Sounds like yours is more of a trail bike. If so I would try my best to keep it in as best shape possible and in tact and stock. These bikes are getting tougher to find in that condition.
  5. No problem brother we are here to help. Do some homework on the oem size jets for that carburetor and get an oem rebuild kit and have at it! You should see an immediate reaction in the engine performance when you adjust the mixture screw. If your not then there’s a problem. That o ring, steel waster and spring assembly has to go in right on that mixture screw. Study the carb diagram and make sure everything is correct. Any Questions ask away.
  6. Have you tried to unplug the rectifier and then tested for continuity? I would start unplugging things and testing as you go along to see if you can isolate this. Did anything happen while you were riding or is it possible that the wiring harness took a hit someplace ?
  7. I’m sure you are excited!!! I’m so happy for you kiddo. Now you have to put that thing in some mud and show us some videos!! Cant keep up them 14 hour days, all work no play is not good for anyone !
  8. Welcome to Quadcrazy @Rich1028 Holy crap that’s a gem, I love that bike!!! its like riding a bicycle, you will pick up right where you left off. You will find everything you need here on Quadcrazy! Great job in keeping that bike in such great shape and stay with it and ride safe brother.
  9. Nice looking bike. I like the radiator mount. I’m a little leery of drilling holes in the exhaust. Should not have to do that, I disagree with ya having to do that, the amount of back pressure allotted for the engine is a design/performance thing. If there is an issue like that it’s a tuning thing. Do some research on the TPS for your bike. Look on YouTube. I’m sure it will open your eyes to some tuning tricks. Im sure your very excited!! It’s a bad ass bike. Be careful with that power.
  10. No need to thank me brother. I will see you this week.
  11. Of course. Drain some oil off to the proper operating level indicated and see how she goes. It may take a minute for it to clear up so if you see it still smoke for a minute or two it’s fine.
  12. That is an oil vent hose. Is it possible that you over filled the engine?
  13. Where is the leak ? The pics don’t really show. Also you missing a bolt under the frame ? First pic ?
  14. Good point, I’m with you on the carburetor. @Dimelol it really does sound like it’s a carburetor issue. I would I go back and check it again and make sure all the proper oem jet sizes are in the carb, needle is set as per spec on the proper clip location and that air fuel screw is installed right and also in good condition. Sounds repetitive but worth the effort. I would still check the voltage on the battery while it’s running to make sure your getting the 14 volts at the battery and make sure your regulator is within spec just for shits and giggles.
  15. Here’s the wiring diagram. Mean time take a tester, put it in continuity and go across the two lugs on the solenoid. You should not get any reading. If so then yes it’s stuck in the closed position. Print this diagram out and do what I do, take a few different color highlighters and color code the wires. It makes it way easier to pick things apart.
  16. I would agree @spock58 but @Dimelol seems very confident the carb is good. My feeling is yes it’s a carburetor related issue. We have seen tons of times where members say they are 1000% sure the carburetor is not the problem and it turns out there is one small stupid thing that’s overlooked or just so small that it got missed. However that coil does seem very low and out of spec.
  17. Dam that’s great. Now you have to change your user name to wifes06kfx440 lololol
  18. That’s a great bike but honestly a bike like that I would leave as is. Maybe at best is a new set of some good tires. If you start messing with mods to a bike like that I think it won’t react very well and could open up a can of worms.
  19. Yes by all means a tube would be a good idea for a cracking side wall where air eventually could leak. The last thing you need is to come back to a bike to go get a deer to find a flat tire.
  20. Hahaha that’s great. She got the clutch thing down no problem?
  21. What’s up Jacob, congrats on the bike. I would start by going through all the basic stuff first. Check the air intake for blockages or obstructions. Throw a new plug in, check the exhaust for anting blocking it. Take a look at the ecu for any moisture past or present. Check you throttle position sensor also. It could be out of spec. There is a tool to calibrate it. Just check the specs on the number. This is a big item that could be the culprit of your problems.
  22. The primary coil seems low so it’s obviously a concern. Have you checked your timing to see it has not jumped at all. Long shot but it definitely can happen. Purchase an in-line spark tester and throw it on to see how your spark is doing. Last thing is your pick up coil gap. Take a look at that and see what the spec is in the manual. Check the gap you have and compare the two.

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