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  1. Ok thanks frank. I'll check the timing. I'll also advance it one tooth and reverse it one tooth to see if that will fix the problem.. thanks for your help..
  2. I have a 2001 yamaha yfm350x and it has a brand new top end, new carburetor (stopped the leaking problem and is now getting gas to it), new CDI box, new stator, handlebar switches work, off-and-on switch works, new starter solenoid (works), new neutral relay (works), ordered a new Rectifier on its way, good strong blue spark. Has compression, valves are right. Timings is right and is TDC. When I try to start it it just makes a loud popping noise like its backfiring but it's not because its not running when I push the throttle all the way and when i barly push the throttle it try to start but won't, so I'm trying to figure out what could be the problem not starting now, Getting very fustrated with this thing and put some work and money into it and it's not still not working. This is the only atv I ever had that I can not figure out the problem to get running. Need help please..
  3. Ok thanks guys. Also already cleaned out gas tank and carb. But now my starter went to crap. Have to order a new one Lol. Thanks for the help..
  4. I have a Yamaha 350 in at once to try to fire up but won't. It's getting gas fire air and it has a lot of compression but still struggles to start check the timing it's top dead center valves are good valves are adjusted everything's working but won't fire I put my hand over the carb suck in gas and it tries to but it makes a lot of black smoke. Also when I put my hand over do you carb and tried to start it there's black black nasty stuff in the gas. So I don't know if it's trying to burn too much or what it is the gas tank clean and it anything to do with the gas it's with it firing. Took the spark plug out and it's pure black. What is dried up black not nasty corroded wet looking. Need help to solve the issue
  5. No I cannot Advance the CDI. It could be the valve lash then I did actually said set it top Center but it's still having very difficult time firing it wants to try but it's just not staying running Also there is a little bit of oil coming from the exhaust manifold so I don't know if it could be the exhaust valve not sealing right either I'm not sure or if that would cause that problem. It's just dripping from there a little bit.
  6. It's making real good spark and is getting fuel so that's the only thing I can think of is it would be the timing it's making good compression.. I'll try to Advance it more to see if it will work because when I put on top dead center it barely wants to fire but when I put it on F it wants to fire better..
  7. Yes this bike on the flywheel has a T and then a line and then an F but it only lines up on F so I thought T would be top Center but it's not working.
  8. I have a Yamaha Warrior 350 in the cam sprocket won't line up with the cam mark on the top end on it. I advanced it Forward 1 tooth and reverse it one tooth. Tries to start but won't. And of course I did the T on the flywheel for top center and it still won't line up.. need help trying to figure out the problem.
  9. Not sure. Just sound like it's at the bottom end.. I check the rod and moves side to side on the crank but don't know if that will effect it. Looks like the wrong size but not sure.. going to take the engine fully off the frame today and disassemble it..
  10. I have a 2001 yamaha warrior YFM350x and started to work on it. The person who I got it from put a new top end kit in it. I already took the top end off and checked, brand new still. Had to clean the valves so it can get better compression. Put it back together and turned it over and and made good compression but also had a loud clanking noise at the bottom, put hand over carb and stopped making the noise when I turned it over. And won't start. I know it is not the top end. Just cleaned it and valves. Need help trying to figure out what's the problem.. thinking it's the crank rod but don't know. If it is the rod can i just get a new rod for it?(would be great if so). Or does it need a hole bottom end . In need of help.

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