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2001 Polaris Sportsman 500 4x4 Coolant Leaking from the Exhaust

Chase Cook

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Have a 2001 polaris sportsman 500 4x4 atv and when I put coolant in the radiator it starts leaking from the exhaust. The valves are sealed but it stopped making compression. Do I need to just replace the head? I just rebuilt the hole top end and this is the only thing +valves that I have not replaced and was wondering if that is why it's not starting up. Need answers please.

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Sounds like a massive head gasket leak or cracked head if you have coolant leaking. Does it run? Its not just condensation, right? Normally if you have a bad head gasket and coolant gets into the combustion chamber, you'll get white smoke. But coolant leaking out is a first for me..its just dripping out of the muffler?

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It had compression before it started to leak but now it's leaking it doesn't have any. And yes I'm sure its coolant and not gas or condensation. I know this because when first started to fill the radiator up with coolant it would take a long time for it to fill up so a thought there was a problem or it was leaking from somewhere so I heard a leaking noise and it was coming from the front of the motor out of the exhaust port on the top end. And I know the gaskets aren't bad because there brand new and I didn't see any leakage from the head where the head gasket was anywhere.

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if its leaking cooland its the head gasket or (very rarely) a cracked head.  if its leaking air into the exhaust its a valve.  did you torque your head bolts to spec and did you thoroughly clean the old head gasket off before rebuilding?  it could mayb be a warped head but if its an internal leak its most likely the head gasket

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