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  1. Finally got it back together, took a while to get all the parts. Thanks for the help and advice, running/starting great now, hopefully will stay that way.
  2. They look slightly different, not as much as I expected, but the tops seem to be slightly larger and have a little different shape.
  3. How would I know that the original is no good? I don't want to miss anything while it's apart, but I also don't want to waste money. You're right on it being a mirror of the Kawi. I just got the gear, new, via ebay. I'd feel better knowing that it was a common failure vs something else going on that I can't figure out. Is there a way to know if I got the updated version, or is it safe to assume since it's new? Thanks
  4. quasi update- pulled it apart-the only thing visibly damaged is the starter gear teeth in the previous pictures. The one way clutch seems to work spinning by hand-goes one way, is locked the other. I've been having a heck of a time getting parts, everything backordered. I was waiting on two different places that fell through. Just found one on ebay-new today. More waiting....
  5. Still don't have the tool to pull it all yet. I am aware of not hitting the starter until things have stopped moving-It's certainly possible I did once or twice, especially if the clutch was failing. This thing has led a pretty easy life for a quad in general-not that I couldn't have accidentally hurt it I'll take a look at the clutch and of course replace anything that looks suspect there as well as check the decompression rig.
  6. I think you're right, I was talking to a local friend earlier about it. I'm going to see if I can get that off and then assess where I'm at.
  7. I've cleaned up, but maybe this will illustrate better-I can take pics tomorrow otherwise. rotor .pdf
  8. I'm up in Orange Country, right by Stewart Airport. I will check the timing. It didn't have any running issues if that matters. Would that possibly point to the decompression rig then too? Seems like whatever is going on must be pretty violent to do that. It did have that starter lock periodically over the last year or so. Any idea if a flywheel puller is something I could get via Autozone or would it be very specific?
  9. 20200414_151258.mp4 20200414_151201.mp4 Okay-got inside. Obviously you can see the broken teeth on the starter clutch gear. It seems that double gear linking the starter gear to the clutch gear is called the torque limiter in the manual. I can rotate everything by hand from that gear only in one direction-makes me think the clutch is doing it's job. The torque limiter gears float, I don't know if they should? I can move them in and out, I tried to capture that amount in the 2 photos that look the same and video. My next problem is removing that assembly as I don't have a flywheel holder tool. I don't know if the broken teeth/floating gears are the problem or damage from it? thanks-where are you located btw-I'm in NY
  10. Will do, it may be a few days, the weather here is bad and I don't have an indoor space to work.
  11. I did just get a service manual. It looks a little intimidating to get to the starter clutch. I'm hoping I see something obvious when I pull the cover. I will take a look at the other stuff as well. Thanks
  12. Pulled plugs and just got the click, no cranking/spinning-replaced them and then it started normally-then something must have let go and it just makes the noise I shared. I can't start it with the pull start-it was always extremely hard to pull, even new. I don't think it's any different now.
  13. maybe I'm not a good communicator, I thought I did everything you suggested. 1 Pulled starter, it worked fine out of quad 2 tapped installed starter with mallet-still just click 3 jumped soleniod-click 4 Take a tester put the positive lead on the starter wire at the starter and the other on the negative terminal on the battery. Press the start button and see if you hear the relay click and get a voltage reading on the tester.-got a 2v reading/relay clicked as it had been doing 5 When you pull start the engine is it hard to pull start as if the decompression device is not working ? very hard to pull-never used it so I don't know what's normal 6 Pull the spark plug and try to crank the starter. Let me know what happens. Same-click and no spin 7 Figured I'd clean things a little while I had some plastic off. Hosed down a little, hit the starter for kicks and it fired right up. Turned it off and on a few times and all normal 8 Went to start it again and something must have let go-now it's spinning like there's no resistance at all. (attached media file with sound) What did I not do, did I miss something?

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