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  1. Thanks man! Im no expert but I’ve dicked with many 2 strokes. Just 4 strokes are a new swing for me!
  2. Yes, valves seals and lapped the valves. Valves guides were ok. I believe I’m good to go now, I’ll let it sit over night before I add oil again, RTV the case...... Don’t bash, I know it’s frowned up on. And I’ll try again. The smoking did seem to clear up right before I pulled it back apart. I’m sure it was just residual.
  3. It was the adjuster. Rookie mistake. And yes it was 120 psi if I remember correctly. I also believe it was just residual oil. I got the adjuster out and fixing to go back in.
  4. Here’s a pic of the adjuster screw, I’ve destroyed it trying to turn it. It moved some but now nothing. Here’s the oil also. I’ve always used standard oil, with no additives. No saying it’s wrong but never had problems before? Just all of the sudden now
  5. No wet, and it’s has and adjuster at the front of the cause but it won’t budge.
  6. Ok so.... finally got it all back together. Started right up. Smoking now?!? And put it in gear and it’s slipping barely pull. WTF this thing is gonna get the best of me. Why you clutches be slipping? I changed absolutely nothing besides a clutch basket. Is there some kind of adjustment? I torqued the springs to 9lb ft as the manual says. Even the smoking has me stumped it smoked none before the chain pulled its little deal, maybe it’ll clear up. But any ideas on the slipping?
  7. I suppose. I’ll have new basket hopefully by the end of the week.
  8. I’ll put it out and try again. It’s seems to slide good. Just if you work it slow it hangs. Also like the spring is worn out.
  9. Yea I was put around the yard right after getting the head honed and new rings. And didn’t make 3 laps around the house.
  10. So double checked the slide and if I do it fast, it snaps back down. If I do it slowly is does hang. I pulled the slide out, cleaned, lube, and reinstalled. Now it seems to be even worse. Could I possibly stretch the spring some?
  11. I have no personal experience with the trx90. But the Big Gun Evo is fairly priced not sure on jetting, I have had good luck with 6 sigma kits for other bikes and atvs.
  12. I have no affiliation or experience with these people but they have tons of go fast parts for the TRX90. http://www.mx-performance.com/id126.html All depends on what kind of money your wanting to spend really. Exhaust and re jet will wake it up some.
  13. So finally got parts, replaced both chains, tensioner, and tensioner arm. Still curious why the chain bound up. Awaiting a new clutch basket as one finger was cracked.
  14. I will definitely double check tomorrow.

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