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  1. How do i find out what carb came on a 06 suzuki ozark 250? Trying to get a new carb and need to know the model number or size. I know its a mikuni. Or if anyone has one let me know
  2. So to hell with this damn quad. I got the gear in properly, with new yamaha circlips, got it spinning over and after about 10 times it i assume kicked the shaft out again since it sounds like it is freespinning again. I am done with it. Thanks for all the help. If anyone wants to buy the damn thing be my guest
  3. No the gear wasnt installed properly on the shaft. It is supposed to be in between the circlips and it wasnt so everytime you tried to start the shaft came out
  4. Yea it shows that one or a screw on one that looks like a socket. Im going to try to get pics of flywheel tommorrow and post. This thing is a pain in my butt lol
  5. What the hell does everyone use to pull a flywheel/rotor on a 99 yamaha bear tracker 250? I have looked online and they show 2 or 3 different ones. Finally figured mine out and need to remove the stator rotor to repair the starter gear.it wasnt installed correctly causing my issue of it just spinning the starter
  6. So i pulled it apart and the gear that the starter connects to to turn one way bearing keeps coming off the shaft. Is there a way to fix it to stay on the shaft? Can i run a weld on the gear and shaft to lock it in place?
  7. Its the 19b30. Already know the prices on ebay. Was figuring someone might have one laying around
  8. Need a cdi box for a 93 king quad suzukie 300 4wd. If you got one olease message asap. Cash waiting
  9. Yea i swapped coil with my other quad and same thing. It will idle fine for a few mins and then it will die out.if you slowly give it throttle it will rev up but struggles. Yea shorted the ground out and since they were all together took a feq wires with it.i was able to piece it all back together and she started right up almost like it is starving for fuel ot getting to much.just not sure which yet.
  10. Ok thanks ill check that this afternoon
  11. So not only do i have an issue with my suzuki but also a yamaha i got in trade. Basically when you jump the solenoid or push the start button all the starter does is spin. Does not engage motor. I know its not locked up. Guy that i got it from said starter was bad but i dont believe that one bit since it spins when you appmy power. Any ideas?
  12. So i got this from my boss. It sat for a long time. I cleaned the carb, had it running for 2 weeks with no issues.then this past saturday it shut off after riding for a while. Tried to start and it went to smoking. Fried the harness. Well thru the week i repaired and rewired the harness and got it back running. Now when u give it throttle it either bogs down bad or starts to backfire. It never did that before the melt down. Trying to figure out what is going on and its driving me crazy. Any ideas?

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