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  1. I'm looking to replace the hub bearings on my 400 trv . I was wondering it anyone had any experience with this machine ? That cold point me in the right direction as far as if the bearings nedd to be pressed in and out and if so how the did it . Special tools pullers etc . Thanks
  2. Im not sure how many we had last year , but it was a good amount . We have been growing every year a have a great relationship with a great group of land owners that are nice enough to allow us to use the properties . There are also a good amount of atv friendly roads allowing us to acess the trails . Once you get to the tug hill region and lewis county there are trails well mostly seasonal dirt road for ages . http://www.oswegocountyatv.org/
  3. Thanks .We do most of our riding Oswego,Jefferson and lewis county . The is a great atv club in oswego county that has a great trail system which allows me to connect to the tug hill region . All of this right from my house which is a nice bonus . In the future i would love to get more south and check out the riding in that region ,
  4. I just wanted to say hello to everyone . I own a 2018 polaris spotsman sp 850 as well as a 90cc sportsman which my son rides and if he rides with me i also have a Artic Cat trv touring . I look foward to getting to know the forum .

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