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Sure I can help. First if you can find this part number 1402-027 go with them, they are the Koyo brand and are the best to use. The replacement part number 1402-809 are ok to use as well. I would avoid using the cheap Allballs brand and they do not hold up.

There are no seals with this model, the bearing is a double radial single bearing. What I do is remove the knuckle and remove the bushings. The bearing has a C-clip holding it in place so that has to be removed. (usually covered in grime) First thing I do is take the new bearings and put them in the freezer. While they are chilling down. I heat up the hub with a torch. This will make it easier to remove the old ones. I do have a 12 ton press in my shed but I have used a hammer and an old socket to pound the old ones out from the back side. Hopefully the old ones are not too shot that they fall apart then it will leave the race inside and that is an issue to remove.

I clean the inside of the hub with scotchbrite to make it smooth and clean. I then heat the hub up again and grab the now cold bearing. 90% of the time it will just drop right into place. I kept the race from an old bearing to use if I need to tap the bearing in place. Make sure it clears where the C-clip goes. I then douse the hub in water to cool it off quickly. Put the clip back on and its done.




PTDC0003 (Medium).JPG

PTDC0004 (Medium).JPG

PTDC0005 (Medium).JPG

PTDC0006 (Medium).JPG

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I use pictures to document the maintenance on the quads. AT times it comes in handy to explain how to do something, like what I posted.

Train project is coming along. Wiring and track layout is complete. I started writing the code. I am programming the routines that will be needed for the main programs such as the input debounce (eliminate chatter) Control of the track power segments (to stop and run trains) and the touch panel screens.

Right now I am working on the routine to handle the remote switches on the layout. I only can work on this when I have time. Our plant did shut down for a little over a week due to the virus, but I worked several of the days to do an upgrade on two of the lines so I really didn't have many extra days off.

Your going to have a blast with the drone when you get it. Look up videos on Youtube, they will be very helpful.




0413201836 (Medium).jpg

0413201838c (Medium).jpg

0413201842 (Medium).jpg

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