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  1. Good morning, Happy Labor Day! Remember the weekends were brought to you by the blood of labor unions. That and children not working in coal mines and factories anymore... and safety standards... the 40 hour week... and... oh okay you get it at this point. Have a good one today!
  2. That is brilliant... I wish I'd tried that. I ended up buying 2 new lines and two used ones that eventually popped up on ebay. It's all working now. Thanks everyone!
  3. Haven't ridden much else besides my property or friends but I just found out about a place everyone around here that everyone says is really great. Interlake state rec in Indiana It's a state part for everything off-road from hiking and biking all the way up to heavily modified off-road vehicles with beginner to expert trails. Hopefully we'll get a chance to go sometime and I can tell ya'll about.
  4. No, the OP was back in 2012 when I assume it worked really well but the app hasn't been updated since 2016 and most of the reviews for the last couple years say it isn't even functional anymore.
  5. Well, I never found out and never found a good supplier to get steel braided hose for the brakes without buying a giant reel. I found some cheap replacements that finally popped up on ebay so went that route.
  6. I've had a seriously annoying time trying to deal with the brakes on my rebuild. What size is the fitting that screws into the inverted flair cross and into the caliper? I plan on trying to make parts I need with braided steel hose.
  7. @gillies_robert Do you think you could post a list of tools actually needed to do all the work? I'm thinking I know some of the tools I'd have to get but not all. I want to price out whether buying tools and then doing it myself is close enough to just buying new parts. If it's close I always go with the excuse to buy more tools 😉
  8. Yeah, I wasn't sure if there were tools to do the hard line and hose fittings together like it's done on the atv. Someone else suggesting seeing if I took the three lines to a brake shop and asking if they could just copy they turns on the hardline and length of the hose to just put it together for me. I might call around to see if that's an option too. $300 just for brakes seems a little much to me with current options I have to replace all the lines. I squirted some carb cleaner in them and I'll let that sit overnight to see how that does but I'm not very confident they're going to come back
  9. I tried with brake cleaner I could try with some carb cleaner tonight. The "home made" isn't as sketchy as you'd think. There are tools to do it right. Mechanic shops do it all the time on cars. I don't have any brake cable or similar around. I'll see if I can find something while I'm in town this weekend maybe there are tiny pipe cleaners somewhere...
  10. I bought this ATV from a friend who had it stored in their shed for a few years. I've been going through it getting things ready to fire it back up and get it driving around. So far I've changed out fluids, removed and cleaned gas tank. I am waiting on a fuel fitting to be ready to able to put the gas tank back on and fire up the engine. I'll follow up once I get to that point with whether or not that went smoothly. Right now however I've got a brake problem. The brakes were locked up. I took the brake line off the master cylinder and made sure that it wasn't locked up, it works. I procee
  11. I definitely already know where the chill spot will be. Boulders that are great for stop and picnic. I hadn't considered a serious mud pit before. I think some spots do get really squishy and would quickly turn to a mud pit if I tore it up a bit... Awesome app suggestions I will certainly try them out. Thanks for the great input guys!
  12. Oh, that's a great idea. I think the boys will have a blast actually making the map and probably some signs too. I like the split for a dry and muddy option. If I get my drone up and going again I'll fly it through some of the area I'm planning on doing but going from above will pretty much just be a forest view 😉 I'll have to see if I can find some drone footage of others. Most of the atv cam trail drives aren't very fun to watch shake along.
  13. That is the real question I suppose... I just don't really know. I'm not looking for the adrenaline. That's mostly because my 6 boys from all the even numbered ages from 14-4 will be using the trail on their small ATV as well and I don't want the wife to shoot me for putting a 10 ft jump over a creek into the trail. I haven't done very much four wheeling in my lifetime so I was hoping a lot of people would chime in with what they enjoy the most about spending time out on the ATV. With other people's comments I might find something that strikes me as something I'd probably really like too.
  14. So the kids have a 110cc ATV I'm getting an old polaris xplorer up and running and I've been thinking about what kind of trail I should make. I've got some very wooded acreage and hills with creeks running through it. I'm planning on using a lot of the old logging road for the main trail but what do you normally want to come across when you're riding your ATV? Any suggestions on things I should build in? What would you make sure you had on a trail you built and what would you avoid doing?
  15. The phases are the three coils that pick up the magnetic fields as the motor spins to generate electricity to run the engine, recharge the battery, and all the other electrical stuff. Here's an easy video on testing that stuff. A cheap meter is fine it should be able to test for ohms in this range.

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