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  1. @Frank Angerano hey any chance you would know the tourqe spec for the cultch nuts?
  2. Hey Frank Angerano i had a chance to get the belt housing off the bike and the nut come off the front pully so it wants the belt. Thank you for the help its back up and going now.
  3. I can push the belt down about 1.5-2 inches movement in it. My bike does have a 4x4 selector switch. I could get all 4 wheels in the air that is where i was heading next was to see if it will turn the wheels with no resistance on them.
  4. Hey guys i am new to this site. i have a quadmaster 500 and last year my brother in law had it out and brought it back. When we went to put it away it wont move now any suggestions i have the belt cover off now. With it jacked up it seem to take gear when its not running.

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