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What's up everyone? Hope all are well, I've missed a lot i see..... Anyway i threw the towel in today and took tomorrow off so i could go play today.  Yes one of the hottest days but screw it, so i wound up throwing the bikes on the trailer and shot up to Lost Trails in PA with my oldest boy.    Great day, we actually sank the bikes today as the mud pits were insanely deep. We had to stand on one foot peg going through the deep sh** to get the tires to grip.  
All the videos you all see watching riders move from one side of the bike or the other or leaning forward or backwards in a mud pit or creek????? It works!!!!!!!! Bikes were fine tg but we pushed the limits with them   

We really mudded the sh** out of that place and went as hard as we could and it was a blast. It was a good day trip and worth the drive. A lot of people were out there riding, i was shocked.  I would have posted pics but i threw the phones in the truck and took off.  I was happy to be away from the phones with work and gone for the day. Definitely need to do this again maybe an overnight trip but to a new spot.  My oldest scares the sh** out of me watching him ride! 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 so I'm looking for a more flat place to ride since he has no fear.   

Ok well i will be a little spotty with activity but will definitely be on the forum.  
Good to be back.  

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5 hours ago, Frank Angerano said:

Its a cool place to ride but honestly aside from the new mud pits and trails they made i would probably do one or two more trips there before it gets old.   Next place I'm heading out to will be mines and meadows i think.  My oldest boy is bugging me to go there.  

Where is that?

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They definitely do have a lot more places to ride.  
I am planning on staying there, question  is 1 day or 2 and cabin or tent?? My son os going to say the typical 16 year old "lets camp" thing but I'm more of a shower after a day of playing in the dirt so we will see.
They also have RV sites so i guess we will discuss over the next week or so and make a decision! 

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I modified it before even using it. The pump that comes with it uses 4 D batteries, but to turn it off and on is the stupid little red button on the box. Plus the base of the pump won't fit in the jug. So I bought a sprayer pump with the lowest flow rate (1.2 gal/min) and turned down the pressure sensor to a low pressure, then added a ball valve inline to the shower head so when you turn off the water, the pump shuts off. Power for the pump comes from the battery mounted on the Jumping Jack using the 2 pin trailer wires.

The tent was designed for a shower bag only so I zip tied a clip to the shower head and just hang it from the hook.




0704201347 (Medium).jpg

0713201904 (Medium).jpg

0713201904a (Medium).jpg

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