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  2. Breaking in a 2021 420 rancher with manual shift. Has like 7km on it toal. The first thing I noticed when trying to shift to reverse from N when the engine is still cold is tough. I also have a hell of a time going from R to N. After I get it into first gear and start riding it around going up and down the gears are no problem, and going back into N and R when its warm seems fine as well. Do I just have to keep breaking it in and eventually it will smooth out? Also downshifting seems to skid the rear tires, kind of like its not rev matched properly and the engine breaking is dragging the tire for a quick second, is this ok?
  3. its for a polaris sportsman but thanks for the recommendations
  4. Where do you guys shop for oem/aftermarket parts? I'm new to the ATV scene and only purchased a few parts so far from Amazon but may need some more specific parts in the future.
  5. old post but nice to see another local where do you go riding?
  6. thanks for the link I want to start riding some trails around there
  7. Toying with the idea of rebuilding my primary (and buying or building whatever special tools I need) or just buying a complete aftermarket setup. Some brands like NICHE I have heard very bad things about but there are some from East Lake Axle and another company that gets decenet feedback on amazon. Anyone gone this route and can shed some light?
  8. I did more searching online and watching some youtube videos where I heard very similar clank sounds. Some are saying it's the oil pump in the older units as they had to rev lower as clutch engagement was lower on those primary clutches. I put my tach on it and was reading around 800 rpm when the manual says around 1200 is good. I'm going to play around with that and see what I can do
  9. i know this is old news but I was searching as well and it's available on the polaris website but it lists it under the universal ATV for that year. I had to email polaris for clarification
  10. We take possession of a 2021 trx420 in a week. It's a base model and I wanted to add a winch. Anything to look out for in terms of what won't work/fit on this machine? They have a champion brand 3000lb winch kit at my local Canadian Tire on sale. It has the universal mounting plate included as well.
  11. After doing more research it seems I either need a rebuild kit for the primary clutch on my sportsman 335 or buy one that is already put together (may be cheaper because I don't need the specialty tools for the rebuild). With that said what brands would you guys recommend or to stay away from? I have seen a bunch of NICHE brand stuff but I did a quick search and it's hit or miss in terms of quality.
  12. Hey guys new to us Polaris Sportsman 335. Bought from a neighbour who took good care of it over the years. Only thing that I'm curious about is a clanking noise when you start it up and the engine is idling. As soon as you raise the rpm or start driving the noise goes away. Since I'm new to ATV and not really sure what sounds are normal or not I thought I would ask the experts. The original owner always did the maintenance on the machine and for a 1999 only has 4100 km on it. Heres a short video showing the sound it makes
  13. Just a little intro. This sport is very new to me (us). We have a cottage near Parry Sound and have mostly been a boating family. We have a boat and couple of Yamaha PWC. We recently sold one of our PWC as it wasn't getting much use and decided to try our luck with land fun instead lol. Bought a neighbours Polaris Sportsman 335 which is in great shape. Also currently looking to add a Honda to the stable as well. Will have a few questions about the Polaris but looking forward to reading as much as I can about maintenance and tips/tricks as I love tinkering with mechanical things!

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