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Riding Preference?

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I mostly use my quad for work, carrying myself and equipment to places on the land, and it's steep hilly land so a lot of it turns into a bit of an adventure, but when my sons were young we made a mud hole with a skid pan next to it and we had so much fun and so many laughs over there. Mud is good !

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On 8/20/2023 at 8:24 PM, 406offroad said:

Public lands, forest service trails and roads.

I’m with you on this, I like forests and public lands. A nice trail that’s scenic. I guess I’m getting older now.. used to like mud and going through water/snow for a more challenging ride. 

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I use mostly for work also, dont care for the mud or see how much mud i can get on myself or the quad, i guess as iv gotten older i think, if i go through that mud it will be fun, but then i will be wet and muddy the rest of the day and when i get home i will have to clean all that mud off the quad. I do like riding through the woods, it so relaxing, and i do like riding to the creek getting off, fish for a while, generally on my own land i like the solitude of being the only one in the woods.

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We got ATVs and RZRs because we have have 120 acres, mainly woods. The ATVs are great for the younger crowd on the trials. Now that I’m older it is great taking it slower and talking with my wife by my side. The grandkids have learned to drive on the RZR and are very good on the road with their driver’s license. Great time for many years and lots of good memories.

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On 2/26/2024 at 7:41 PM, rmundell said:

Once i get the Bruin 350 repaired, taking it to Rocky Point Mexico to be able to explore the dunes near cholla bay!

Would love to travel in Mexico as it has jungles, dunes and mudpit all in one. Is your bruin oil cooled aren't you afraid it will overheat ? As I bought grizzly 350 and thinking how it will keep up with my racing pace on summer :D

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