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  1. I was thinking along those lines. The roller bearing is fine. I used a rubber mallet to seat the alternator before reassembling and then used a cross bar in the pull starter disc and torqued the end bolt to 60 ft/lbs this time. Thankfully, timing hasn't slipped during any of the events. Hoping this solves the problem. Thanks for your input. Cavry
  2. I have replaced the Alternator keystock 3 times in several weeks. the engine cranks instantly, idles well and runs smoothly for 30or 40 starts. Then suddenly when I go start it again, it won't start Each time the key has been sheared. The replacement fits the shaft and alternator firmly and I have not noticed any backfires. Ideas? Suggestions? Cavry
  3. OK, information I found on Utube says the Torque Limiter is like a one-way ratchet to prevent backfires from stripping the splines on the starter shaft.
  4. I haa problem with the controller on a Harbor Freight winch. The control box went out a while back. It has a manual switch on the handle-bar and a plug in for a remote that I never purchased. I replaced the solenoids and it worked a couple of times and is dead again. Is there a universal replacement that anyone has used and would use again? Remote control or manual /remote combo, no preference.
  5. Finally! I am back to a limited .degree. Family member medical condition is under control. I have the bayou running well after 3 days of effort getting everything back together and locating a few missing bolts The torque limiter is inside the left alternator housing on the end of the starter shaft. I'm not exactly sure of the mechanical function and I haven't cut one apart yet to see. I'll be in and out of here for a while. I am facing lumbar spinal surgery. 2 vertebrae are deteriorated and are misaligned badly and there is no disc between 4, all bone on bone. Not sure what the future holds. No complaints, and I'll survive well, it just may take a while.
  6. poker10w, I'm glad yours is working for you. Just sayin' They can be bad. In think that one just had shoddy gears to start.
  7. I set up a HF winch on my Bayou 4 years ago. Just thumb button control. The planetary locked up the 4th time I tried to use it. Nothing heavier ever than pulling another shut down ATV out of a creek. I took it apart and realigned every thing, put it back on the Bayou and free-wheeled 30 Ft. of cable out to a tree and hit the switch, half way back in it locked up again. No Satisfaction from HF. Never again will I buy one from them.
  8. Haven't opened the side yet. I had to deal with a family medical urgency. I probably will open it Tuesday. Thanks for the inquiry Cavry
  9. OK, Removed starter from right side pretty easily. Starter spinning well, good torque. Still have to remove left cover to get to gear. I've looked at starters with gear in place for sale. Also see one way bearings. I don't have a diagram of the set up. Which or both? Thanks, Cavry
  10. cavry


  11. My 96 300 klf has been a joy. I bought it well used 6 months ago. I had to rebuild the carb but its dependable and has decent power for my needs. I live in far N. Ga. and it gets used in a wide variety of terrain, so far, GOOD.
  12. Looked in the for sale and saw nothing. Does anybody near (reasonable driving distance) the NC, Ga, Tn corner have a set of decent stock type or knobbies for sale? Seems a lot of people upgrade and I sure need a set that arent dry-rotted. Dealer price:no: isnt even in the game! Thanks, cavry

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