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  1. I went to Lowes and got two 2ft pieces of pre drilled thick angle iron .
  2. Well, its already been torn apart cleaned touched up greased and such. But my plan is to ride it.
  3. I'm going to see how the atv ramps look and possibly by some tonight.
  4. I got this almost a year ago for $500.00 it was covered in a garage and owned by a 57 year old lady. She said she didn't need it anymore and wanted me to have it for my kids 1 of which is level 3 autistic. Ritual oil changes and yearly service. This was barely driven and when it was it wasn't beat on. All in all I got a killer deal on this wheeler and nothing is wrong with it. Starts and drives like its brand new.
  5. Been cutting down all the pine trees on my land and saving the oak and hickory trees while making cool twisty trails to beat around on. Still a lot more work to be done.
  6. Yeah I pulled out 3 10 inch round 80 ft long pine trees with it 2 days ago.
  7. I now live in Greenville sc, but I am from Oneida NY.
  8. Just keep up on your physical therapy after you recover!!
  9. Believe it or not, harbor freight tools w/wireless remote and I have put this thing through the works and it will not quit. Badlands is the brand
  10. Great value for less than $50.00
  11. My brother in law died because he was drunk on an atv.

    1. Ftackett


      Very sorry to hear

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