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    West Virginia’s ATVs and Poker Runs

    Easy Tips on Hosting Your Own ATV Poker Runs

      hqdefault.jpg West Virginia is a popular place for poker runs. With almost 70,000 acres of wooded lands, it’s not really a surprise to find plenty of event organizers utilizing the forested areas. Naturally, these scenic routes invite tourists and poker enthusiasts to join annual poker runs like Pikens  ATV Poker run. For newbies, a poker run is essentially a different version of a scavenger hunt where poker fanatics travel in different modes of transportation (mostly bikes and ATVs), and collect cards at each predetermined stop. At the end of the event, the participant with the best hand wins the jackpot. Unlike most competitive poker tournaments, the jackpot prize in poker runs usually goes to charity events. So aside from enjoying the sceneries of West Virginia, you’ll also get a chance to contribute to several organizations. See, it’s a win-win situation.   For many event organizers out there, planning a poker run is no easy task. It takes a careful amount of planning in order to successfully host one. So if you’re planning a poker run of your own, here’s a simple guide to help you out:  

    How to organize a poker run  

    Step 1: Why Host a Poker run?   The first thing you should ask yourself is why host a poker run? It’s not enough to simply advertise the event. As the organizer, ask yourself: “What does this do for the community?” The funds generated from participants should go to a credible charity. Now when it comes to selecting the beneficiaries, there’s no right or wrong, as long as the money goes to a trustworthy organization. It may be wise to select a group that benefits West Virginia’s forests or perhaps organizations that help people with disabilities. According to Dealer News , the largest poker run event to date is the Colorado Poker Run which benefited abused and neglected children.  

    Step 2: Secure the date and advertise details   After you have decided with the charity, it’s time to smooth out the details. If you’re hosting a quad bike poker run, it should be easy to find plenty of communities to advertise. After all, West Virginia has been home to several poker runs ever since. You can post fliers near ATV shops or perhaps go online and post in a local group to spread awareness.  

    Step 3: Looking for sponsors   Sponsors play a huge role in the success of your event, especially if you have a limited budget. In poker tournaments, online portals are key players since they sponsor the major events like the World Series of Poker. In the UK’s sport scene, horse racing is becoming more popular. “The contribution that they has made since 2005 has topped £250,000, making it our largest corporate donor bar none,” according to Racing Welfare. In Latin America, the relatively unknown sport of Jai Alai continues to thrive with Clearwater Enviro Technologies and their sponsorship. See, ATV poker runs in West Virginia are already common so it shouldn’t be hard to attract sponsors. But if you’re advertising a different kind of poker run, say one that involves yachts or perhaps something uncommon in the city, hosting such would be more difficult. Luckily, as a remedy, sponsors can help provide you cash, food, and prizes which will help your event.  

    Step 4: Planning committee and rules and route   It’s essential to keep everything organized if you want a hassle-free experience. You may want to divide your team into several committees. Assign people for logistics, registration, public relationships, and for sponsorship too. Aside from dividing the team, you should also be ready with a map showing the route and a guidebook for rules and regulations. Remember to secure the necessary permits so you wouldn’t face any trouble come the actual event.   Aside from the aforementioned steps, make sure you set a timeline for the event and prepare letters of gratitude to your sponsors.    

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