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    • My first Suzuki finally!!!!!!
      So i took a road trip today to look at a Suzuki Eiger! 2006 in perfect condition other then the fact it starts for 30 seconds and shuts down.   Its been sitting for about a year in a shed.  It has a plow and a winch included!!! Got it for a really good price and all looks good so far.     Stay tuned.  
    • General FYI on replacement parts
      So just as a general FYI, it might be good to check replacement parts before installing.  If possible, check clearances with a micrometer before going through the trouble of assembly.  I say this as I bought a new driveshaft yoke for a Kodiak because the ujoint dropped a cap and got the yoke in a bind...blowing the yoke and middle drive gear to shreds.  So I replaced the middle drive gear and bought a new yoke and ujoint kit from Caltric.  Caltric is usually pretty solid replacement parts.  The
    • Backcountry Tracks Play'in In The Snow - 07 Jan 20…
      Hey, Hey, Hey ... I'm lov'in winter ...... ... Hope you enjoy the video !!        ...
    • Jwheelz
      I'm thinking of getting a set of Jwheelz for my Honda Foreman and was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with them. They look like a great idea for when I go Ice fishing just incase the unfortunate happens. As the saying goes, no ice is safe ice. Sure would beat losing the machine if it went through if they work as well as advertised. I did a search and didn't find anything on them. Cheers all.
    • 05 TRX500FM DIY snorkle ideas
      Hey all. Anyone have any ideas of fabricating an air snorkel for a 2005 TRX500FM and all venting extensions required as well? Thanks in advance Don
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    • 1998 Kawasaki Bayou wiring help
      I need help with wiring on a 1998 (I think, 10th digit of the VIN was W) Bayou. I'm not getting spark, I'm pretty sure it is due to grounds being off because the harness is pretty hacked as far as the electric start and charging system goes. I'm needing a good wiring schematic. I found one online and there are a few things that don't add up on it so I'm skeptical that it is really for my year and model. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.   
    • 1985 Honda TRX 250 2x4
      Well im at it again, took about an hour drive Saturday and made a deal on this old honda.  Might be restorable. Tires pretty dry rotted, mastercylinder broken glass and probably full of water.  Handed me the carb he rebuilt (oh no) He said ran about 6 months ago but when we pushed out of his field there was a tree growning through it. See pic.  Missing some parts, also missing the intake. Motor is not locked up, Has piece of plastic crammed in the head since no carb there for
    • US made grease gun fit Metric Zerk fittings?
      Does a US made grease gun fit Metric zerk fittings, or do I need a conversion to fit them?  Thanks in advance.
    • 2017-2019 sportsman 450/570 with eps factory servi…
      View File 2017-2019 sportsman 450/570 with eps factory service manual This  is the factory service manual for the 2017-2019 factory service manual for the sportsman 450/570 with electronic power steering    Submitter colin james Submitted 09/06/2018 Category Polaris ATV  
    • 2011 Sportsman 500 belt replacement Polaris
      Well its finally happened, its time to replace the belt on my 2011 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O.   Is there anything specific i need to know before getting into it? Is there one brand of belt i should get over another?   I'm still on my first Polaris and plan to keep it at least another 8 years.   
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    • Hitting the Trail in the Morning.
      Hitting the Trail in the Morning.   Heading out to Leota Trails  It's the Wife's Birthday Weekend,and I asked Her what,or where she wanted to go,she said  she wanted to go riding trails!    
    • Man, this forum is dead for AZ
      Any current Northern AZ folks out there on this forum? Im up in Flagstaff. Any organized rides anyone knows of?
    • Utah county riding
      Was looking for people to tell me some of the better trails around provo? Maybe meet up and ride. Thanks
    • Connecticut Riding
      Anyone have some decent spots to ride in CT?
    • Riding near Milton Ontario
      Any areas? Any suggestions?  Thanks

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    • Admin  »  Andreas Svensson

      Welcome to QUADCRAZY...Thanks for joining as a Premium Member! 👍
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    • Brian Simmons

      This picture shows where the shaft broke off on the motor of a 90 cc Arctic cat 4 wheeler I have . Anyone have any pictures or videos of how I can fix it ? Anything that would help me . Or explain what I have to do to fix it ? Please help !!! Thank you , Brian 

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    • Brian Simmons

      I just posted the shaft broke where it comes out of the motor a 90 cc arctic cat . I’m trying to load a picture 
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    • Andrew Paul

      Hi new to here i have a quadzilla smc xlc 300cc  im after a xlc500cc engine if any one nows of any were i can get parts or engine .thanks 
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    • Eddie Rahm

      Hey fellas...I have a 1996 polaris sportsman 500 4x4 awd...I'm replacing the left rear axle on it...this axle has a bolt running through the end of it that holds it in the I guess the rear differential that is going to the transmission...has anyone had to do this before because I'm having a hard time getting the bolt started...I was hoping I could get it started with my fingers and than put an opened ended wrench on it to tighten it down...its a very tight space to work with and it's not going to well...I cant get the bolt started on the threads...anyone ever do this job before ? Any help would be appreciated..thanks. Ed
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