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    • New Yamaha Rider from Bulgaria
      Hi All, My name is Asen and I am from Eastern Europe, Bulgaria. Riding a Yamaha Raptor 700R and this is my first Quad wanted for a vey long time :)  
    • new member old rider iowa
      use to race flat track up to 10 yrs ago bikes n quads im old now at 50 was thinking of getting a big utility quad can am renagde 1000 my problem is not buying one but sucks riding by yourself lol
    • Are you new to the site? Where are you from?
      Just thought I'd start a new thread for newbies to the site! If you're new here, tell us who you are, where you're from and what you ride!!! Lets get to know each other a little better shall we? I'm not new to the site, obviously, but... I'm Kristin from Denver!!! I ride a 2008 Yamaha Rhino. She's my muddy baby!!!!!! Several aftermarket parts on her. She's good to me! We try and ride every weekend. This weekend we're off to MOAB! :woot:
    • How did you get into Quads?
      Heres my story. Kinda long. I guess I was a late bloomer when it comes to quads. I had never ridden a quad in my life. Rode Dirt Bikes as a kid growing up. Back in Oct of '06 I found a Mustang on craigslist. Took it for a test drive one morning before work. Fast car. 351 Cleveland. I had planned on meeting the guy again after work. For some strange reason thats still to this day beyond me, I stopped in Hillsboro MotoSports on the way home from work. I had 6 Grand on me. There was a left over '05
    • First 2021 Ride ❄️ Fun in the Snow 🚀
      Here is the first video of 2021!!! Enjoy!!!  
  • ATV Manufacturer Specific

    • 1993 Suzuki LT230E quad runner rear shock
      Where can I buy an after market shock to replace the rear shock? Would it be better to find someone to rebuild shock? 
    • 1994 Bayou 300 4x4 goes into reverse without turni…
      Hi there! We just bought 4 acres and needed a work rig for moving stuff around and blazing trails. Been looking at buying a quad for a long time and finally got the opportunity.  Found a very good condition 1994 Kawi Bayou 300 4x4.  Runs great and seems to be in great operating condition with one little thing. The unit seems to have an issue with reverse.  Previous owner did tell me about it and its totally usable but the issue is annoying enough that I want to try and fix it.  Im pret
    • 1996 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Leaking Fuel New Carb
      I bought a new carb and it is leaking gas from the over flow tube. What causes it. It's a brand new carb.
    • Bushings for front spindle on Sunl 110cc quad
      The front wheels of my quad have a ton of slop.  Its the spindle as shown in the picture.  There appears to be an outer plastic bushing of some sort and then an inner metal hollow rod that the attaching bolt goes through.  The slop in between the inner attaching bolt and the hollow rod going through the plastic bushings.  I see kits for bushings for sale, but I have not found just the spindle parts.  The length of the spindle where this bushing goes through is about 80mm.  Does anyone have a sou
    • 1989 Polaris trail boss 250 for kids limit throttl…
      Is there a way to limit the throttle on this wheeler? Thanks.
  • Regional ATV & Off Road Forums

    • South Dakota- Railroad Buttes (Farmingdale)
      Railroad Buttes or as they are better known locally as Farmingdale. I thought I would share a few pictures from there since this winter has been incredibly mild and has allowed a lot of riding to be done. The Black Hills offers terrain of all kinds from the forests the area is known for to the rolling prairie. The Buttes are a personal favorite for when you want to let your hair down and run full out or just cruise slow and take in the scenery. Excellent riding out here and a completely dif
    • wheel spacers
      could some one please answer this question ?is it possible to add wheel spacers to the rear wheels and would it make my atv more stable? i have a 2001, 450s honda .many thanks for any advice..........audie 
    • anyone ride in iowa
      thinking of getting ack into riding but sucks riding  by yourself lol
    • Sound off Michigan Riders
      So where do all of you people ride at in this great state of michigan. I ride several different places like leotta,south branch,denton creek,rose city,and plan on going to some places that i haven't rode yet....so sound off and tell me where you ride: yes:
    • Places to ride in Northwest Arkansas
      I just got a 2007 Honda trx400ex and I'm looking for places to ride. Is there any website that gives a list of areas where atvs are allowed?

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    • GranpaMichanic

      Grandpa needs help with China ATV 110 cc .
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    • Josh Cornelius

      04 arctic cat 650 vtwin (same as the bruteforce/prarie engine) that only idles on choke. give it any throttle, it dies, take choke off, it dies. does this nomatter where air fuel mixture is set. stays running even with mixture screws all the way in. any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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    • Mark Gibeault

      Bought a new 2020 Sportsman 570 Eps and i sure hope this thing lasts longer then the last automatic quad i bought new which was toast at 348 miles and needed new transmission amd clutches both wet and cvt. 
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    • Robobear  »  Don Rees

      Hey Don, how did you make out with your Prairie?  I bought a used 2004 700 about 5 years ago and it has been nothing short of great.  Very dependable and powerful.  I use it to haul firewood and run the dog.  I do find it a bit tiring when clawing and snorting through the rough stuff and running off trail.
      Does not appear to be a lot of 700s around, I joined your group and was surprised there was only 2 of us.
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    • spavin  »  PacManPugh

      didnt understand your reply please tell me more
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