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    • What performance mods can i do to my China quad
      I recently got a 250cc utility atv but it's way to slow. What performsnce mods can be done to it? It is the same as the loncin 250 desert storm but had some other chinese name
    • No spark, continued
      So, on my 84 TRX200, I've replaced everything except the stator and regulator. New coil, cdi unit, (spark pickup tests good) new sparkplug. No spark. Ohm tested stator on the bench. Book said 0.1 - 1 ohm. I have 3 - 4 ohms. Bad?  Wiring had been boogered up when we got it. (Key switch bypass) Not sure if related but wiring diagram shows a blue and yellow wire from CDI to the spark pick-up (pulse generator) Not sure what was hooked up there, but CDI unit plug didn't look like a blue and yell
    • What do you use to clean your ATV?
      I would like to hear who uses what to clean there ATV’S.  I’ve always been a fan of simple green and it’s always worked well but with this new property and the crazy black mud and clay that’s there  I have to say the simple green is not cutting it.  So from cleaning  right after a ride to cleaning them when you find one in a barn I would like to hear what everyone does and what your recommendations.  I’m looking to try something new.  
    • China virus
      How many of y’all are over it?
    • From Kanto region
      Pika Pi!!! Zooooom Zooooooom!!~  
  • ATV Manufacturer Specific

    • 2006 Polaris Sawtooth Set Timing and Valves
      How do you set the timing and adjust the valves on a 2006 sawtooth 
    • 2006 Polaris Sawtooth 200 tow hitch
      I’m looking for a tow hitch for my 2006 Sawtooth 200. An image of a stock hitch would help me fabricate one if I can’t find a hitch to buy.
    • Quad Runner 250 4x4 Resurrection (LT-4WD)
      Background on this Quad. Over the past year or so I have been teaching my 7 year old Niece to ride. She loves it, I even went as far as buying her a 2012 Arctic Cat 90cc and getting it up and running. We have a bond, her dad (my cousin) is a deadbeat junkie who abandoned her mother as soon as he found out she was pregnant, so my family has all been helping her over the years. I didn't have a dad or a father figure growing up. That hurts and I didn't want her to feel that way, so I have been
    • 2006 Arctic Cat 400 Only Starts in Neutral
      Turn on bike start fine but only in neutral.  Cannot start in gear like most bikes do when you haul in on brake lever.   Also  when i turn key forward to turn lights on bike shuts off and wont start.  Have to turn key back to on position and then will start.  Can anyone suggest what problem can be.
    • 1998 Yamaha Grizzly CDI from Kodiak 400 or Warrior…
      My 98 grizzly needs a cdi and  I refuse to pay $200 for a used one. Will the cdi unit for CDI Box For Yamaha Kodiak 400 YFM400 2001 2002 Warrior 350 YFM350X 1997-2001 work on a 98 grizzly ? Any ideas
  • Regional ATV & Off Road Forums

    • Rocky Mountain trails
      Anyone know of any good trails in the area?
    • Cool 🥶 Ride
      8hrs Had the opportunity to get out for a ride yesterday.  A friend came for Thanksgiving from North Dakota so since I had a 5 day weekend this weekend, we headed to one of the few trailheads that are still open this time of year about an hour away. Was a fairly blustery day and only 28 degrees when we left the house. Pipestone (our destination) is about the same elevation at we are but for some reason doesn't seem to get the same amount of snow. Always seems to be bare there wh
    • Colorado Trails - Stay The Trail & Responsible Eth…
      Hey everyone! Ya'll have been so great and welcoming to our new Ambassador program, we wanted to be sure that Quad Crazy was getting info directly from us about the Stay The Trail educational program too. The program was started in 2003 with the purpose of educating the public about responsible trail use and fostering a sense of stewardship among OHV enthusiasts. The "Where To Go" section of our website is another great resource for anyone looking for trail info. We host all of the Motor V
    • Doc Hilt Trails AL/GA
      Last weekend for Doc Hilts $9.99/driver summer special on 9/26 & 9/27. Last weeks super heavy rains have moved out and this weekend should be great for camping too! Doc Hilt Trails - ATV park - Home
    • 2021 Arenacross
      Anyone familiar with any stadiums or arenas hosting quad arenacross this winter??? 

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