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    • Are you allowed to cross a road on your quad?
      Can you ride your quad on the road or cross a road if your quad is licensed and registered and you have functional signal lights and running lights? Let me know, I'm new to this. Thanks! 
    • Trailer For Firewood Recommendations
      I use our 700 Grizzly to carry my chainsaws, oil and gas for cutting firewood on our property.  I'd also like to pull a trailer with it to help collect the firewood.  Because we have lots of rocks on our property the trails are very uneven.  I have heard of a walking beam suspension that helps to minimize a bouncy ride. Does anyone have any experience with the walking beam suspension verses a traditional axle and any trailer recommendations or even a style or type not to get to haul firewoo
    • My new quad fell apart
      Hello all thanks for the add. Just joining the quad game.  Was giving this gem by a family member and jest a few hours after getting it in the garage it fell apart on my.  92 Honda 4trax I’m gonna try to bring back to life.  
    • ATV Battery Trickle Charger
      With this cold snap, I noticed yesterday that the battery on my grizzly was a little weak. even clicked a few times before I got it to start. I'm thinking of picking up a batter tender/ trickle charger so was wondering what people use to keep their ATV battery charged up. I was looking at these on amazon. They both have good reviews.   or this one   Kind of like this one because if the accessory plug
    • Ironman ATVMX National Championship Race Report
      The ATV Motocross National Championship Series (ATVMX), an AMA National Championship, headed to Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, Indiana for round five of AMA Pro ATV Racing on Saturday, May 14, 2022. View the full article
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    • Dealer mode...?
      2005 KQ 700   What is the easiest way to put my KQ in dealer mode?   Went riding last weekend,  I was pulling a harrow for about 3-4 hours on a hot Saturday, working on some food plots, stopped for a min to unclog the harrow, left the machine running, and it just died on me.  Up to that point it seemed to be operating just fine.  went to start it and it just cranked, eventually the dreaded red FI light starting blinking (i think it was blinking but might have been constant on).  I
    • Retainer plate behind sprocket on 1987 and prior (…
      Looking for a DRIVE SPROCKET RETAINER PLATE for a 1987 LT230E (P/N 24751-35B01)? Good luck.  Believe me I searched high and low, including contacting two OEM suppliers in Japan. No dice. Ran into this problem myself. The part is no longer available, unless you get SUPER lucky on eBay. My solution was to use the identical part from the newer ones, but you have to switch out the bearing and spacer bushing as well. Basically I took the retainer plate (46) and spacer bushing( 55) f
    • Hey from Australia! YFM250B 91
      Hey All, just a quick hello and look forward to being part of the forum.  recently picked up this 91 YFM250B from a farm in Victoria, melbourne Australia for $650. It had a dead battery but i did get a video of it running before i brought it. Problem was that it had a severe backfire through the carb.  Anyways, the last 3 weeks ive been spending hours a day getting it back to running perfectly.  here's what I've had to fix so far; - Couldnt get the timing marks to line up, stretche
    • 1988 Suzuki Quad Runner 250 2x4 Won't Start. Help!
      I'm working on my buddy's 1988 Suzuki Quad Runner 250 2x4 and I'm having some issues.  The main issue so far is I can't get the dang thing to start.  When I try craniking it with the electric start, all it will do is grind.  Occasionally it will backfire once at a time.  That doesn't happen every time though.  I have read that some 4 wheelers have to have the hand brake engaged before it will start.  I'm not sure if this is one of those or not.  The carb is brand new, fuel pump works, brand new
    • 91 trailboss grinds in engaging gears some times
      not everytime.... but sometimes putting the atv in gear from n the gears grind and i have to use the foot brake and reengage the lever. and off i go? idle is set pretty low.  where do i go from here?  
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    • George Henry  »  Knuclehead

      Knuclehead are you there?
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    • mikehallbackhoe

      The idle mixture screw is a d shaped screw, and it has a limiter on it that will allow you to screw it out only so far, I screwed it out as far as it would go and that was far enough. My only gripes with this atv are minor, the manual tells you how to break it in for the first 20 hours, but doesn't give you an hour meter. The manual doesn't tell you how to adjust the valves, it just says to take it to the dealer. The kawasaki 300 brute force has the same engine, and will give you the specs for adjusting the valves. my only other gripe is the atv doesn't come with a shock adjuster, not a big deal since you can adjust them with a pair of channel locks.
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    • huanchaco

      2017 Polaris sportsman 450 Ho low voltage display
      Hi everybody
      Im having a low voltage display (10.6 v ) when i turn my 450 ignition on  while checking with my volt meter al the battery which gives 12.5 v before cranking the engine.
      It starts every time but takes 2 or 3 revs before firing up. I suspect a bad start switch but cannot be sure if the leak is fuse box related or just a bad start switch which by the way
      is a cheap unit adapted from the former owner. Any clues would be greatly appreciated.
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    • Dion Braud

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    • Energy

      First time to join an online group.   Been riding bikes since 1972.   Started with two wheeler"s, ATC's,  and quads.  Still have some of each.  Well that is enough talking, let's do some riding.  
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