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    • Have Great Memorial Day Weekend!
      We would like to wish everyone a Fantastic Memorial Day Weekend! SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!
    • Brand New 2019 Yamaha Grizzly 700 takes on the MU…
      Our new friend shows us what the brand new 2019 Yamaha grizzly 700 can do in the mud! He already started modding up his grizzly to help tackle the mud like never before! The 2019 yamaha grizzly really impressed me and I love the look of the 14" rims along with the 2" highlifer lift! We got a few new sponsorship rolling in this year so make sure you keep a look out for that stuff!
    • getting ready for birthday
      Trying to get everything ready for birthday desert trip .  ordered pipe and jet kit for my 2014 400x  and front rims … cant wait
    • Not sure what parts needed to make 4wd work
      Guy i bought it from said it is 4wd just needed a few parts. not sure which ones. Help.
    • Stator rebuild rewind recommendation
      Can anyone recommend a good shop in Winnipeg, Kenora or Thunder Bay to rebuild / rewind a bike stator?
  • ATV Manufacturer Specific

    • 2007 Polaris Phoenix dies and refuses to start
      I've bought a used 2007 Polaris Phoenix 200... it's in pretty good shape... but after it starts, warms up, a few minutes of my son riding around yard it will die... it refuses to start back until the next day, then same thing again... I've seen this is a problem but haven't found any real answers... my son is driving me crazy to get him back riding... any help is greatly appreciated...
    • 1999 Suzuki LT-F160 Carburetor and wiring
      As stated above working on a 1999 Suzuki LT-F160. I think I’m having trouble with the carburetor. I keep fouling spark plugs. Full disclosure, I did make a poor attempt to “rebuild” the carb (that’s why I think that’s the issue). No idea if the new parts are at the correct “settings” (gaps and such) I believe the starting point is 1.5 turns from bottom out on the adjustment screw (is there another adjustment I don’t know of?).  Doesn’t feel like I’m getting gas drawn through the carb (clogged je
    • 1999 Yamaha Warrior 350 Oil leak, appears part mis…
      Hello all, I’m working on my sons 99 Yamaha Warrior 350. When I pulled the plastic cover off left side of engine, I can see oil leak at the seal. I pulled the bolt out and then the starter boss(I guess that’s what it’s called?) I can see that the boss doesn’t make contact with the seal. Is there a spacer of some type that slides on to the boss, to make contact with the seal? This seal is held in place with a plate with 3 screws in it. This boss slides into the bearing in the stator. I have been
    • Honda 300ex dies while riding...
      Today I went riding and towards the end of the day my quad kept dieing while I was riding it. Just riding like normal and it would start to back fire and then die. Do I need to clean my carb or what?
    • 1993 Yamaha timberwolf wont start!
      i have a 1993 timberwolf yamaha and the compression is good and lights work but for some reason the electricity is not going to the spark plug(s)! i got a friend to check it out and they said its no use but im not giving up! please help with this!
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    • Anyone out there using a lift table?
      I want to hear about your favorite lift table brand! And why do you prefer it?
    • Hudson valley place to ride.
      I have permission to ride 60+ acres that vary in technical aspects. Let's make something happen. We have off street parking and it's a ton of fun.   Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk    
    • NY get together
      Hello and happy new year!  Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday season.  I’ve been talking with @06kfx440 and thinking about or hoping I should say that any Quadcrazy members in or around the N.Y. area would like to try and spend a day of riding together.    @06kfx440 has a place for us to get together where we should be able to meet offload and go riding.   Maybe pack a cooler with food and drinks and anything else anyone can think of to bring.   It would be cool if
    • Places to ride in central NJ/shore area
      New to the site and I'm looking for some places to (LEGALLY) ride. I know a few places not too far from me but getting caught and over 1k in fines and criminal trespassing charges isn't on the top of my list. 
    • Southern or Central Ontario riders?
      I'm looking for people to ride with. I live in the GTA, but often ride Haliburton or Kawartha trails, and have recently discovered a bunch of trails that don't belong to any club, if anyone is looking to ride.

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    • stiven sarmiento

      Hi, i need help with my 2007 suzuki ltz 400.  For some reason it wont crank. Last time used it, everything was just fine. Has a brand new battery. put a new relay, starter looks good. fuse is good. If anyone knows what could it be, let me know thanks.
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    • David Mills

      Just need some help
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    • Hansamoto

      I ride at mud parks with my family, 2 girls, wife and 2 sons. I have 2 sportman 570 and 1 1000 highlifter polaris bikes and the 570s have been lifted, bkts on one and outlaws2 on the other as well as snorkle. my brother in law bought a 850 highlifter 3 months ago and after the first ride the motor locked up. took back to polaris and they advised water in motor and would not repair under warranty, ???? we never went knee high in water, long story short told him to bring it here and i would rebuild it but may need some trickrey tricks of the trade and manuals.
      Thanks Hans
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    • Benjamin Schaller

      hi i call benjamin and have a rally 200 of can-am damage with crankshaft I want to repair now. I'm very grateful for tips. I usually only repair motorcycles with gears
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