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  1. The trail was at Caribou mountian trail, this section got closed yrs ago after some trucks and jeeps tore it all up one weekend. I ride there for years. Lots of wonderful places to ride in Colorado. I can't wait for every weekend. Thanks
  2. I am's what I am's, I do ride a 24 yr old quad. Good ride sunday, thanks
  3. The white one was mine. 1975 MX 400 Yamaha . I put It lights and stator on it. Sold it to a guy from England along with 6 other vintage dirt bikes. Sold another 75 400 enduro to a guy from France. I still have 5 more vintage bikes to restore. I like the quads because I don't fall off them as much. HaH!
  4. Those were Turf Tamers. Good for about anything. I had loaned my paddles to a buddy while he was there for first ride in dunes. Have you seen vids on official Yamaha site of YFZ's with stock tires thowing sand? Real good vids.
  5. That was a great bowl, to bad it blew away long time ago.
  6. Made from plastic about 1/8 in thick. Kinda flexi, can get it from plastic supply places. Don't know what it is for sure. Got it from friend, I'll ask. Made thin cardboard templates first, then just flipped it over to make other side. best to make one side first, if it fits after final trim, then lay it out on new peice and trace with scribe. At least that's how I did it. I have made several sets and they work. Thanks

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