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  2. Yeah, I am going to seafoam my EFI Sled, good stuff, thanks for the tips
  3. OK thanks, kind f figured that,. I do have a few problems with this machine so will pick your brain if you dont mind. I charged the battery full (according to charger) last night and the starter just clicks like on a car that has a low battery, Im guessing the battery is junk and the other problem is it only runs with the choke on full, if I lower it, it dies, I did work on cars and am good with electrical so what do you think?
  4. Does that cover the 300, it says 280? Im new and unfamiliar with ATVs so wanted an owners manual to familiarize myself with parts location etc...
  5. I need a user manual for a 98 King Quad 300 4x4, is there anyway to download one from manufacturer or online somewhere? Not a service manual though that would help another matter. Is the Clymer guide good and is it in digital format? All help appreciated for this newbie with a used 4 wheeler.

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